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  1. Hi, the hearing is on the 22nd June for 5 mins. What can they say in the 5 mins? I am so worried by this extravaganza, its not helping my condition at the moment. Thanks
  2. Hi, i will have to get my other half to help with this bit, he's working at the moment so will try to get on when he's back. Thanks for the support
  3. Last time round we arrived at the court, to be told they couldnt find us on the agenda, so we went to a booth and the woman tried to find us, saying the case had been closed by future. As we had paid enough off to stop it needing court action. I did post last year with the outcome, because i was slightly annoyed then at having wasted a day or unpaid leave for both of us to be told it had been cancelled. Can they have still met to make it an open ended case? the morgage is in joint names, we are about 4 months behind, we can prob pay about 300 towards the arrears and we have no children.
  4. Thank you for the advice, i will set to getting a new seperate account set up. Will keep this space updated. Thanks
  5. Hi again I have received a letter from Halifax saying pay £253.11 now, phone this number between the set hours. Your bank account is £253.11 over the overdraft limit. Please pay this now. Now surely as i have an agreed overdraft of £300 and hardly go over it, except when they charge me £35 for every bill that cant be paid. Wouldnt an agreed overdraft mean that its a fixed amount, i have asked them before for an increase (to 500) just to allow the transfer of money from different accounts. They said no. I am getting paid on friday, and more than enough will be going in to the
  6. Hi We have received a letter from the courts - a notice of restored hearing. it starts off saying the possession hearing has been restored to ###. An estimated time limit of 5 minutes has been allowed for the hearing. Now we got court papers last year but managed to pay off enough and the case was dropped before we got to court, but can they just open it back up again, i really dont know what to expect as the hearing is only 5 mins long does that mean that we dont have a cat in hells chance of keeping our house? Just want to add the reason we were struggling this time round i
  7. I've got no money - sorry for not replying, only just noticed your reply. I will dig out the letter and put it on here. Thanks
  8. I was having similar problems, with me newly moving in to my own house. Not being one to really watch tv, if its on i will watch it but as i am often out in an evening with my hobbies, i watched it 4 on demand to catch up on the few programmes i did watch. I paid the tv licence as i thought that because i had the tv i needed to get one, but as the bills started rolling in i had to work out what i needed and what i didnt. A tv licence i could do with out. So i called them up, and asked them to cancel my tv licence. The lady on the other end tried so many ways for me to keep it, but i said
  9. Thank you for that, because we make the payments over the phone (new ish morgage still) should i write the letter then allow time for that to arrive, then call them. Or perhaps in the letter i could say for them to call me when they receive it.
  10. Hi I know that missing payments on your morgage are not wise, but unfortunatly due to an unexpected bill we will be short of this months payment. Which is due in the next week. Can you advise what would be the best way to go about this. (Apart from finding a magic lamp with a genie)
  11. But the court service told us to complain to the Solicitors for Future Morgages, apparently the court had been told by the Solicitors on the 11th of June that the case was being dropped. So the court didn't need to tell us it would have been the Solicitors who neglected to inform all parties. I understand what you guys have said but i think the Solicitors should be held responsible. And the fact that the letter from the courts did finally arrive 12 days after the court date, is disgusting. So i think i will write a letter to both the Court and the Solicitors and see what happens. Thank
  12. Can someone help me re post this in to legal issues then, i'm still getting used to finding my way around the place. Thanks
  13. Hi As you can tell i'm new to this site, i would like to see if/how its possible to complain about our recent court visit. Here's a brief intro - My partner and I bought a house last september, our first step on to the property ladder. Everything was fine, all bills were being paid. My other half ended up breaking his fingers on one hand meaning he couldnt use the tools at work (engineer). So my pathetic wage was the main income. I phoned the mortgage company to let them know we would struggle to meet the whole amount that month. So in the end we were making payments on
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