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  1. IF it helps also - below is basically the full story. Third party driver hits out car (accepts liability too). Impacts drivers side, forces car off road. Insurance agree with blame, and declare our car a total-loss. Valued at £3500, with £2500 to be sent to us, £1000 held back for 'pre-existing damage' to passenger side. Refuted this damage, explained the accident details on the phone (that the car ended up off-road beside trees / hedges) Insurers go back to talk to engineer and relay 'new' information. Same day - get word from the engineer that offer still stands and decis
  2. Hi Gyzmo, many thanks for your help. To answer your questions. Did your report to the insurer state that the circumstances (i.e, what you said about how the scratches were caused) contain this information? It may have been your initial notification or provided later. We had not seen that side of the car as it was bunched up tight against hedges, trees etc. When the report came to us (by phone) we refuted it, explained the situation of where the car ended up and it was looked at again. They came back 5 minuets later saying they won't change their minds and that the decision
  3. 2 long scratches - but it's from the wing to the boot pretty much. The car scraped past trees and bushes both on entry to the ditch and when being pulled out. But apparently this is not the cause.
  4. Anybody? Is there anything to stop us from claiming twice on one accident? If our insurers are going to go down the route that this isn't damage from the accident, can we claim separately even though they have paid out for the accident damage (total loss)? We have had the damage valued at £1500 by an independent engineer
  5. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. Our car was a declared a total loss after an accident (3rd party accepted full liability) and our insurers gave us the value of the car minus £1000 for "pre-existing damage" This damage is substantial and was not there before. They say it can't have happened during the accident and we are saying it could, and if it didn't then it will have happened in the salvage yard. We have gone through months of discussions with the Financial Ombudsman but there stance is simply that we have to prove that the car was not damage before the accident.
  6. Hi - I joined a golf club in Manchester last year and have been unhappy there since the start - nothing major but I'd prefer to play elsewhere. My annual fee (£550) is paid by monthly direct debit with an 8.5% credit charge on top - nothing was agreed or signed about cancellation policy but they are saying if I quit I have to pay the remaining yearly fee in whole and remain a member until that year is up. In theory I understand the logic (as they will insist they lent me the yearly fee) but in absolute terms I didn't agree to this, nor did I sign anyuthing with this policy. They say
  7. Sorry but your mistaken. The fee Direct Line charge (lets say for arguments sake it's £500 a year for my car) is for 12 months of insurance provided by them. Should I wish to cancel my insurance due to selling my car after 2 weeks of taking out the policy, by your logic one will have to pay £500. This isn't the case.
  8. I have just found out that we have to keep paying our insurance (£40 a month) even though we have no car to insure any more!! This is absurd.
  9. Thanks Lex, it's not a problem at the moment was just wondering as we will be moving in a few months (then it may be a problem).
  10. DL is our insurer - all we have from him is a policy number (the police said they will be round to give us details but they never came and now they say they can't due to data protection) We have no proof but sure we can get from our neighbors and possibly work CCTV the morning before accident. Is it for us to prove it wasn't damaged before the accident or for them to prove it was damaged before the accident (i'd be surprised if they could because it wasn't!) I understand the rozzers putting in more time to serious death accidents, but they also put more time into issuing speedin
  11. Hello - we are currently renting without any kind of contract or agreement. We did sign a 12 month agreement about 3 years ago but when it ran out we just agreed to carry on. The landlord is now selling the house so we must move as soon as it sells. My question is regarding the deposit - when it was first done it was appalling in so much as they missed 100 and 1 things. We amended it and sent copies to the letting agent and the landlord directly. Would / could the fact that we have no contract affect our deposit? As far as I ma aware the letting agent was employed only for
  12. Crikey - I'd like to hear you say that when some young hooligan without a license or insurance crashes in to someone you love because they were driving poorly - that would constitute 'an accident' but I doubt you' be so quick to "get over it"
  13. Hello, I am having some trouble with direct line and it's causing us a huge amount of stress at what is (for other reasons) a very stressful time. We had an accident 3 weeks ago in which our car was hit (drivers side) and forced into a ditch (passenger side) by a car that had lost control in bad conditions. Our valuation came through last week and they have deducted just under £1000 pounds for damage that they say could not have been done in the accident. This damage is to the passenger side and is approximately £1000 pounds worth. The other damage pertains to a damaged fuel cap whic
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