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  1. Please can anyone help me with a CIFAS complaint, i cant work out how to post my question? it doesnt give me option to post under banking 


    I filed a compliant with Tesco Bank in April 2018 as I found out I had a CIFAS marker placed against me dating back to October 2016.


    Tesco delivered a final response and referred me to the Ombudsman,

    I subsequently complained to the Ombudsman who in January 2020 some 22 months later delivered a final verdict to uphold Tesco banks decision to place a CIFAS marker.


    Whilst they upheld the decision they made it very clear that Tesco bank did not carry out a fair and clear process and did not meet the strict criteria to satisfy the recording of  information against me with CIFAS.  


    The ombudsman also went on to say that Tesco bank did not conduct a sufficient investigation.

    However as they could not establish how the transfer would have been made so they have upheld Tesco decision.


    I want to know what my next steps are.

    I have not been involved in any fraudulent activity of any kind , I never used this account since it opened in 2015 due to security concerns and online access problems which I raised.


    The first time it was used was when deposits and withdrawals were made on my account

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