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  1. Hi I have received a letter from Tesco stating they will no longer reply to me regards this matter. Even though ICO have raised concerns. Please help with where I should go now.
  2. Thanks i want to fight they yes and i will make funds available to do so. do you have any recommendations on solicitor's or able to help further in any way. do you feel and agree that Tesco have acted unfairly and should not have placed the marker
  3. Sorry forgive me for being a little stupid here, are you saying its best for me to forget about this now and sit out until the six years has passed , or consult a solicitor to take further action as Tesco have a case to answer Thanks for your reply
  4. @fkofilee Hello I am still pursuing this matter and have now had a response from ICO - AS BELOW please can anyone assist with a next step I cannot see how every one has agreed that Tesco are at fault yet no one can rectify the outcome its bizarre ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I write further to my last email of 8 September and in response to your correspondence of 29 September and 13 October. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding, I have been away from the
  5. hi any further help on this at all? continues to be brick walls and no where to go as well has severely impacting me day to day
  6. Yes already have complained to them. Received a letter stating they only act on information sent to them. I sent them copies of my SAR where Tesco admit shouldn’t be placed and they said they cannot look into.
  7. @fkofilee good morning, so after 4 months waiting for a reply ICO have emailed me extract below; Having reviewed the correspondence provided so far on this case, I should clarify that whilst CIFAS have an obligation to check the accuracy of the information they hold, they are very much dependent on the data provided to them by Tesco Bank. In the event that Tesco Bank have confirmed to CIFAS that the information they have provided them with is correct, CIFAS are unlikely to be in breach of the legislation that we regulate. seems they cant do anything either and i am astonished
  8. FOS will not look at this any further they have said. ICO have my complaint i submitted last month but are experiencing delays so a waiting game with them. CIFAS also said they will not look at it. I will update you as soon as i hear from ICO, i have also emailed chief ombudsman & chief executive for FOS and Chief Executive for CIFAS expressing my concerns, i wont hold much hope of a response. but desperate times really thanks for your reply and help
  9. @fkofilee hi, sorry to pester, are you still able to help or is it a no go? not sure where to go with this next? i have a complaint in with ICO
  10. i had requested CCTV they no longer have it wondering what i can do next Tesco not entertaining me anymore. CIFAS wont either, I have complained to ICO regards incorrect info held but no response yet
  11. I never used the account and told FOS that I had never the card in my possession absolute nothing to do with me. 100%
  12. I have also received this as part of my second SAR which was not included in the first clearly stating by Tesco that shouldnt have loaded CIFAS
  13. sorry, work has taken over my life! it says ATM London road Leicester They have also now provided me an IP address (Catford) device location: Latitude / Longitude 52.62295 1.11864 which relates nothing to me
  14. so it says, again I didn't have to card in my possession I told the Ombudsman this, i never used the account and it happened 18 months after opening. I have asked for ATM camera but they said it no longer exists.
  15. nothing of interest that i can see, literally just statements, and opening t&c's with some other odd general information I can send it through it that helps I can scan it at work tomorrow
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