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  1. Ok Just an update if anyone is in a Similar situation in the future. Spoke to Black Horse direct legal team by phone. Made the same offer I made 6 months ago which was rejected outright. Down payment of 600.00 and 100.00 by direct debit thereafter, they have agreed to this in principal. I asked why this could not have been done 6months ago and the only thing that has changed is that I have now incurred their legal fees!!! Black Horse said that they now have a change of policy from the take over from RBS and that they now can be more flexible... Take from that what you will... I have now written to their solicitors with the proposal and I will update this as things happen. Thanks
  2. Do I need to get a form thats called 68 or is that just the name they give to my defence. And what other information should i include .? Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you for the reply. I have checked the agreement and I do not have PPI on this agreement. The agreement seems to be in order and I don’t have any issues with the way I borrowed the money. I have been in constant contact with black horse as soon as I lost my job, but after a period of time they same either unable or unwilling to accept anything other than the full payment every month, which seems a little bizarre in the current climate. Up to the point of losing my job I was never late or missed a payment. They passed the account to a credit recovery company, they offered me a single payment of 2800.00 to clear the debt, but I only had 4 weeks to make the payment. Thank you
  4. Hi, Wonder if I could get some guidance on defence. Hp Company Black Horse Loan Amount 21k outstanding 3800.00 Lost my job last year I asked them to reduce payments to £100.00 per month they refused I continued to pay the 100.00 anyway until I received letter to return the goods and court action to repossess. I have put the 100.00 every month since into a savings account and have 600.00 in the account for any down payment to a new plan I have a large family 4kids at school age and we live in the country no public transport. The jeep now has 195k miles on the clock and the valuation for a dealer was only £1800. Top end Can the above be put into any defence? Thanks for any advice in advance
  5. The FOS are only in place to discourage you from going to the courts, they are not impartial. The banks have been exposed, the politicians have been exposed and before long the FOS will be exposed
  6. We are not estranged. Please take time to read posts before replying to say your wrong. easy done aint it?
  7. i would advise everyone to do it now as they do and will chase you up to year 12... so do what i should of done all those years ago and get rid of it by bankruptcy instead of burying my head in the sand.. i was very very lucky to get away with paying 1k from the shortfall.... Bankruptcy should not be taken lightly; it is not a one size fits all solution. I would agree that if your lender was accepting £1k in settlement of a debt £50k, they had little chance of enforcing the claim
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/credit-reference-agencies/194743-expiry-credit-history.html
  9. The FOS are a complete waste of time. Don’t let their ruling put you of, I have, like you, been assigned two adjudicators, the first one upheld my complaint in full, then moved on, the replacement adjudicator rejected the complaint in full. It is a lottery with the FOS. It is still ongoing with the Ombudsman 2 years now. I am going down the legal route. Barclays encouraged you to go to the FOS,in the full knowledge that the complaint you made would never be upheld. Take legal advice, and go to court.
  10. First thing you need to find out is how they arrived at the 36k. If you are in rented accommodation, do you have assets, savings ect.
  11. What you must remember is that the credit reference agency, works together with companies that supply credit, if your score is low they can charge you more for the credit they give, so if you have a good history now, however if you have a lower score due to something that happened 11years ago, they get more for the credit, even when the true risk is lower.. Then who do you complain to? The FOS, Pointless by the time they get round to even looking at the case. You will have served the 6 years!!!!!! The Information Commissionaire, You would have more chance of finding an Honest BANKER. Do I sound a little cynical?
  12. This was the reply: Hi xxxxx Thanks for your message. The account history of an account does go back 6 years, so for example information for an account closed in 2005 would go back to 1999. However a settled account remains on a report for 6 years so feasibly there could be information going back up to 11 years on your file. Whether a lender takes information this old this into account is entirely at their discretion but it will be picked up on any automated search. The reason it is 6 years is because this is what lenders agreed the time limit should be when they first came together to share information with the credit reporting agencies. Regards xxx
  13. It is confusing and totally unfair. This is how it works. My Example: In 2003 I lost my job and fell behind with mortgage payments, 6 in total came to an arrangement and got up to date. I closed the account (new provider) in 2005. If I look at my credit score it reads…1 account in serious arrears… And this relates to those late payments back in 2003. This wont be removed until 2011 6 years after the account was closed. Which means the data is visible for 8 years in my case. When I questioned the wording on my file, they told me that 1 account was in serious on my file regardless of when.
  14. Your solicitor would have been given a settlement figure on the day of completion. If this was not an accurate figure,tough. You have carried out your conveyance.end of story That is after all why you go to a solicitor. Refer them to him
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