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  1. hi its not a mistake as he as used my name twice this week, and i dont even work for that company he is delivering to, so i dont accept its a mistake
  2. city link yesterday left a parcel in the main receiption of several offices on our site, this parcel was for a different company to what i work for, the parcel went missing and whenthe company checked the note said my name had signed for the parcel that morning, when we complained to city link they said the driver couldnt decipher the mans name who signed it (im a female) and so he used a name that he knew of someone in the complex he had delivered to before IS THIS ILLEGAL im furious and the customer services manager of city link could not care less
  3. hi no this is a different account , she has run this for about 4 years and until a couple of months ago had no problem with payments, but she lost her part time job so is now on state pension only and cannot afford to pay back per month what they are asking. thanks CB
  4. hi yes she has all her statements and they have charged her so far over 100 pound in extra charges she owes 700 pounds, please advise where i find the template you are speaking about, i have had a look, but im blonde and cant find it
  5. hi my mum has a catalogue with the above and is struggling to make payments, every month because she does not pay the full amount they are adding on 24.00 to 36 a month in charges so her bill just gets higher and higher, can anyone advise what i should do, i dont know who to get these charges stopped and can anyone advise a template for a cca request for them thanks cb
  6. Hi hope someone can help me, my mother has received a debt letter from cabot, about a halifax credit card that she has previously been paying through interum justita, she did not even know interum had sold the debt till this new letter came, does anyone have a template i can use to request the signed agreement from the halifax, as id like to challenge the debt and find out if there is way of not paying this, as my mum is very ill and does not have much money and this is an old debt from 15 years ago when my dad was alive any help appreciated thanks Curlyblonde
  7. HI yes it is the company car park and we are allowed to park, there are no signs up about liability in the car park, and they are saying that even though there stillage was smashed into my car, as they cannot say who did it, they are not responsible, im tearing my hair out here i am so angry any help would be greatly appreciated thanks M
  8. Hi I dont know if anyone can help me, when i came to my car friday evening, one of our big metal stillages that holds rolls had been smashed into the side of my car, obviously i dont know who has done this, but it should not have been near my car in the first place who is responsible for this damage, we have no signs at work regarding liability and the damage is over a 1000 pounds worth any help is appreciated thanks
  9. Hi my mother has a catalogue debt that she cannot afford to pay, she has got herself into a mess and i am trying to help her. She has received a letter from call serve about her debt with the catalogue, i know she has never signed a credit agreement so i am trying to help her sort this out. can someone please help me with a cca request and deed of assignment letter so i can write to call serve on her behalf your help is greatly appreciated thanks CB
  10. Hi hope someone can help me I purchased a morgan watch for my daughters birthday on monday, when i purchased it, the watch was never shown to me he just passed me the box in a argos bag, i gave this watch to my daughter tuesday for her birthday, who took one look at the watch in the box and said ooh mum i dont like it, so last night i took it back to argos bradford foster square, where the stock manager, came over and said the watch was grubby and had been worn and he had not sold it like that, i explained that the watch had never left the box and if it was grubby i had been sold it like that, he said argos do not let people try on watches, (which is a lie) as i have always tried on watches when buying them for myself) he then spent half and hour basically calling me a liar and telling me i had used this watch, this is a disgrace as i have not even had the watch out of the box, he then at the end of our conversation when i asked for his name, informed me he had taped our conversation , this is illegal!!! you have to tell the person at the beginning of the conversation you are doing this not at the end, i am absolutely disgusted and will not let this matter drop, i now have a watch that they will not refund, can someone please tell me where i should go from here, thanks Michelle
  11. Hi andy i have typed below the details of the poc Particulars of Claim The Claimant claims money payable by the defendant to the claimant for the price of goods supplied. Full details of which have been delivered to the defendant. And the claimant claims 1. The sum of 248.34 2. Interest pursuant to S69 of the County Court Act 1984 at the rate of 8.00% from 21/11/06 to date hereof 567 days is the sum of 30.84 3. Future interest accruing at the daily rate of .05 for costs and the date of the poc is 12th june, so my last date is 14th july thanks CB
  12. who would serve me the notice of assignment, when i first got into difficulties with american express, they referreed my account to a debt collection agency, cant remember their name who asked for payment in one go, we said no we couldnt afford to do this, then another debt company wrote to us and we started paying 20.00 a month, for about 1 year then out of the blue a letter arrived saying they had sold the debt onto capquest, who we then had lots and lots of grief with before they finally accepted 20,00 a month, so does the letter saying they were selling the debt class as a notice of assigment? thanks CB
  13. OK ill get all details tonight when i get home and type it up either tonight or tomorrow morning, and yes you are right about the lesson learnt, i wont be doing it again, ill be sorting out my finances properly without brushing them under the carpet thanks Andy Regards CB
  14. hiya what does claimants poc verbatum mean??? sorry i dont understand and to tell you the truth they may have sent a letter i dont know, i have been ignorning them, and i know thats the worse thing to do, but i didnt think i just ignored them hoping they would go away, if i did not open them i didnt have to deal with them thanks CB
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