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  1. Strange one? Its unbelievable what tricks/stunts they can pull!
  2. Wow sounds like a great letter to me many many thanks x
  3. Who do i report it to? the OFT? will send them a letter stating they need to prove unequivocally they have proof of firstly debt not being Statute Barred secondly they did receive payment, also i shall tell them i have all the relevant bank statements and i have all the credit files and there is nothing outstanding whatsoever? any other words anyone can think of will be greatly aqppreciated? someone could kindly draft me a response if they like, your templates always sound so professional
  4. All his previous addresses show along with ex wife association blah blah blah so a another round of letter tennis it is then yawn yawn, thanks for helping create thread i really am rubbish at this
  5. Hi all update time.. .went to Halifax got statement for all of December 2010 and guess what? No payment to any DCA for £50 on the 29th as alleged! so sounds like a wild stab in the dark bluff o gram? Question is what next, letter ideas/template much appreciated guys x
  6. Yes i will do, 1st port of call Halifax bank and ask them if any payment made? which i doubt seeing as we have been fighting this since 2008, very strange how Debt Management of Edinburgh are back in the picture when i have a letter from them from way back saying they have washed their hands of it and passed it back to Lloyds TSB, not one DCA has managed to find a copy of the CCA! as requested. I shall write back to Capquest when i have been to Halifax stating i still have no proof from them about this alleged £50 payment from Dec 2010
  7. Cheers will do that hoping it is a bluff o gram as you say
  8. Hi again just sifting through the mountains of DCA letters since 2008 the latest bundle started on 25th July from Lloyds TSB themselves stating they had sold debt to Capquest and also Debt Managers have been appointed by Capquest to manage the account, "the alleged account that no one since 2008 have managed to extract anything from" Shall i send another CCA request to the latest bunch of losers? this "alleged" debt has mysteriously shrunk from originally being £7862.35 to £6412.35? Are they just making the lot up? There is nothing on any credit files regarding Lloyds TSB or anything? This is mystifiying strange and weird?
  9. Hi there update. ..Letter arrived from Capquest Saturday saying, Thank you for your recent letter. We can confirm our records show a payment of £50.00 was made to this account on 29th December 2010. We can confirm we have placed this account on hold for one month from the date of this letter. We would be grateful if you would contact us within that period to confirm how you wish to proceed. I cannot remember making any payment to anyone? 1st step i will do is contact our bank and ask them if any such payment has been made on this date? Im sure ive been fighting off DCA's since 2008 looking at my posts on here starting with Fredricksons? Any advice greatly received? They have not sent proof of payment just stated it?
  10. Hi there sorry for hijacking thread my hubby just had a letter from Debt Mangers (Services) ltd of Edinburgh saying we are attempting to contact you regarding a personal matter, to verify please call? Yeah yeah yeah as if we will call? Should i bin it,file it or send them something back via unsigned letter? advice/template please Many thanks
  11. Sorry to be a nusciance the letter i need to send can you clarify last line "Recorded/signed for post, check date delivered" that does not go on letter? Lol i am rubbish at all this thank the lord for CAG x
  12. Thanks will send that letter off, i have send cca's regarding the alleged debt to a few companies in the last few years and have never received anything back so i doubt they have relevant paperwork?
  13. The last DCA letter of the same ilk was May 2012 Fredricksons, chasing this alleged debt i really do think its statute barred, i will send the cca request off but i cant remember if you make the £1 postal order out to them or blank? Also do i send an account in dispute letter? if so can someone point me in the template direction or is the cca request enough? Many thanks x
  14. Hi all ,I am handling this on behalf of my husband, letter reads...Dear Mr X welcome to Capquest we have bought your account from LTSB blah blah blah. Thging is we have been down this road a few times each company i have requested a CCA and heard nothing they just dont seem to be going away, now shall i send one to this lot? Ive checked Noodle and there is nothing on it apart from our current car finance for about a grand due to finish next January all in good order! The last paragraph reads... Capquest Investments Ltd is now the data controller of your personal information that is held for your account. If you want to see the personal information that we hold about you please write to us sending us £10 as the fee that we may charge under the data protection act. You can correct anything that is wrong or missing. I know this is the SAR fee but as i have said before the account is in dispute and i certainly cant see him having made any payment within the last 6yrs or more.. .advice please x
  15. Waiting for equifax,experian, & call credit files to come back to us! The letter from Freds reads We thank you for your letter dated.....if you require documentation pursuant to sections 77-79 of the cca act 1974 you must request this direct from our client with the statutory fee of £1 our clients add is as follows, then it says we have placed your account on hold for a period of fourteen days to allow you time to make your request after this time debt collection activity on this account may resume! Like you say i'll sit tight see what hapens.
  16. Sent all above off to Fred & co, got letter back with PO with their client address on iQor recovery services of Preston shall i send them the £1 PO and same letter, how many people are involved for gods sake? i didnt think they could keep selling these alleged debts on? so still no clearer on situation
  17. No idea what it was or what it was for thats why we need to find out, i am sending off the old fashioned way for paper credit reports from exprerian, equifax and call credit, as i tried to do the 30day trial earlier and it was a nightmare as we share an email account and they had already got my email address as i had searched my credit history a while back. Will wait and see whats what, we have been paying them for months if not years and had never had a statement regarding what had been payed and how much was left of the debt if anything its just not on also why did they not contact us to ask why had we cancelled the SO? its weird but i WILL get to the bottom of it if it kills me, shall i still send the CCA letter to Fredricksons tho?
  18. Hi just been on Noodle and credit score is 3/5 it did not mention anything about bad credit? he was paying BOS £50 per month on a standing order but as we hadnt had any record/statement of what had been payed and what was left outstanding we cancelled the SO months ago, so i suppose this is them hitting back? Had we known then what we now know he would have never agreed to pay anything as he still does not know what its for as we have never had a CCA regarding this. He thinks it could be something very old possibly in joint names with his ex wife? I think i need to contact our bank the Halifax and find out how much has been payed to BOS to start off with they will hold the details of the SO.
  19. Letter was dated 10th May saying £6412.35 is outstanding for Bank of Scotland must be paid in full within 7 days blah blah Shall i send a CCA and an account is in dispute or roll it into one? I have just located the template i was seeking for the CCA and am in the process of typing that up as we speak Kind regards to all you wonderfully helpful peeps x
  20. Many thanks for the prompt reply,how do you apply for credit files? Regards tlc
  21. Dear CAG team sorry for "hi-Jacking" this thread but it is related to the above, My husband received the same 2 generic letters as the above last week and i would like to send them a letter asking for a copy of the original credit agreement so if someone could send me the link to the template i would be grateful, i sometimes find it hard to negotiate my way round here? It seems my husband may have had some debt probably with his former wife many years ago and instead of confiding in me tried to "sort" it his way by having contact with the DCA's and trying to pay some off, the debt seems to have been initially with Lloyds TSB then passed to RBS it is now with Fredricksons, the thing is he never even knew what it was for and as i said why are you paying for something you have no knowledge of?...his answer i panicked at the threats etc, this is totally unacceptable, If i am to help him sort it i need to know what it is and when it started? Hope someone can help Regards xTLCx
  22. Hi Slick Could you please re-send info you sent me to get in touch with the OFT i am being hassled yet again, infact it hasnt stopped i tried to ignore it but am being bombarded with letters calls & texts all for £159.00 they allege i owe,even though they have been taken to court. Regards TLC x
  23. Yes please do let me have the contact details and i will get in touch Thanks again Tracey
  24. Hi Just received letter from Ashbourne dated 27th October saying; "Dear Member we refer to our previous correspondence and have still not received any payment from you. Your account not only remains in arrears but the balance of the minimum term is now also due, we now reserve the right to instruct our solicitor to issue recovery action against you,the consequences of this could be severe. However if you pay £159.00 within the next 7 days including a discount for early payment, this action will no longer be necessary and you can use the fascilities for the balance of the minimum term of your agreement". Then it goes on to say how you can pay followed by; "We strongly recommend that you arrange to pay this immediately as this may be your last chance to avoid further action" Im just sick of this despite the high court action they still keep trying to extort money from us :-x:-x I will keep all my letters,also they keep ringing me but i do not answer the calls! Advice please xTx
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