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    Thanks for advice debs will i have to ring origonal companies or the new ones
  2. Hi can anyone help me I think I have been silly over the past couple of years since I was made unemployed, I have agreed to pay Apex & other loan companies £1.00 a month but now I am getting threats from them asking me for more money and also threatening bailifs etc. Is there a way I can stop paying this money as the origonal loans / cards were over six plus years old. Any help would be apreciated:-( I
  3. Can anyone help me find letter for harrasment & also letter for not sending cca
  4. update.......no reply yet from cca request. so does this mean 12 days have already started. any help
  5. Thanks for info Rory. Let's wait and see what hapens if EOS reply 12+2 days and counting from tomorrow...
  6. Forgot to mention they also said that if debt is less than six years ..... more likely to have cca. Isthis so?
  7. Thanks rory.. When i told dmc that i was going to send cca they said tell them outcome and they will stop paying as it is their own silly fault if not goy correct paperwork..... and if they want to loose uot it's their own fault.
  8. Hi scottygal. Have sent one already to eos this morning waiting for reply ..... dependunt on reply wether or not any good sending to all others.
  9. Thanks for that rory.. would you say it's best for me to stop using a dmc altogether and try & sort out myself with help from all on this site...or would this look bad on me. Or change to a charity dmc.
  10. We got told by them that first month payment they keep....they also supposed to send monthly statements none as yet.... have been on plan now for about 4 months. Any advice..... realy desperate need help
  11. Yes we do Halifax cc x 3 mbna cc x 2 capitol one cc x 1 halifax loan x 1
  12. Rory if you are looking for info on them web is Debt Management & Consolidation: FAST IVA, Debt Management Plans & Debt Solutions from Abacus and we set up a debt management plan.
  13. hi rory the dmc is a company called abacus in manchester.
  14. Thanks rory What do I do if that happens..
  15. Just an update sent cca leter today with £1.00 postal order sent recorded as told to. Now presume wait & see what next.. thanks for all advice so far everyone. :-|
  16. Thanks for advice rory, will do that. I forgot to say that the debt managment company are not sending payment to EOS but are sendeing money to HALIFAX.
  17. Good luck with it all... i hope we get the same outcome as most of the other people on this site... found the template will post it first thing,
  18. Thanks for that .... did they eventualy go away then... or are you still trying.
  19. Thanks for that stardust john will dothat can i get a template letter for cca request anywhere. Also at the moment my debt is being handled by a debt managment company and they said if i get a reply saying no cca to let them know & they will stop paying them.
  20. Please can you help me as It is my first time on this site.. please any advice rory32
  21. Halifax Credit Card... Not yet will send in writing tommorow. Girl also said I must ask halifax for cca.
  22. Conntacted tonight by EOS Solutions wanting full payment, I asked for cca, girl got funny and told me to contact halifax, then hung up. Any advise....
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