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  1. I've had a few probs over the last 12 months (understatment) well, one of the things that got dropped down the list was gas bill. It got to about £700 but i paid £300 thinking/hoping I'd get a bit of breathing space. Bottom line, got home one day about a month ago and....no gas. Clearly, there has been a court hearing that passed me by. Anyway, i have been putting a brave face and dealing with it. Told everyone, inc kids at weekend that boiler is broken. The letter stated i would need to pay about £1k to get back on which is just not feesible at moment. Does anyone know if i could get a card meter at this stage or are they liable to play hardball. Any advice apprecieted
  2. dont have it with me. I will post monday. Have a good weekend
  3. Hi, well i think i can finally give a final reply to this advernture. Havent heard anything since court date from either lender or solicitor. I was begining to get concerned and my dread was getting home and finding a letter that said in my absence possesion had been granted. You may recall, i had called the court just before the hearing and then sent a fax confirming i had been told not to go to court by the solicitor as they would cancel. Well, a letter came yesterday and basically said that in my absence......and the absence of the claimant....i was free to go. What a relief! Once again, thank you for being absolutely superb in your help. I now have a paypal account and will be very pleased to make a donation to this site
  4. I think you are probably correct. I had a possible client who after months and months of chasing, decided they wanted to see us yesterday. As this is not the sort of thing you advertise as going through, i had to go to meeting but as i say, managed to fax the court and confirm that my fax was presented to judge. I was very concise in fax that i had been told not to attend and that the hearing would be cancelled. The reason that the solicitors gave on phone was that they were at court all day. What is the downside to an adjournment..assuming i keep up payments? None, i would assume?
  5. Hi, Just to let you know, i paid the money. The solicitors said i didnt need to go to court...so i didnt. I rang the court on the morning and they said it was still due to take place. I faxed a letter to judge explaining situation. The solicitors said that they needed to turn up to explain the situation as it was short notice and assured me that was all. I need a holiday!
  6. Thank you. Very very happy to assist in any way at all. All this got me thinking about the heartache some people must have gone through pre-internet days
  7. I think we are coming close to you being able to be shot of me. Just a last bit of advice. I have paid cash in and rang the solicitors. They have said to fax receipt over but they also said it wont show on Abbey records...which i find strange as it is a cash payment at about 11am. What am i asking for on fax? Am i asking for hearing to be stopped? Just want the correct terminology On another note, i opened a paypal account yesterday and will be giving donation as soon as i work out how to put money on my paypal account
  8. Hi, well, i have managed to raise the figure i was told would stop proceedings. I am going to pay this in as cash (hope i dont get mugged!) shortly. I will let you know when done.
  9. I called them directly and asked for arrears. The amount they gave was completly different to ones supplied on court papers. I am going to try and raise funds and pay into account today/tommorow. They have given me a figure that they say thay will stop proceedings if i pay in. There is a chance i may raise it
  10. Hi, as you may recall, i have a hearing on Wednesday. I have possibly managed to raise some funds. On the court form completed there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on whether i disputed figure owing. At the time, i didnt really think this something to quibble with and just said ...No. Now being in a position to potentially pay an amount that could stop the hearing, the amount owing seems very high. It looks like their costs have really affected the total amount owing. My arrears are about 3 - 4 months. According to their statement, i am about 8 months overdue. It appears they have really bumped up the amount for the hearing. When i say "them" i mean the solicitors who seem to be extremely dodgy. There seems to be a difference of about £2k. Any suggestions?
  11. Well, all put in their mailbox. I did put the other form and was slightly concerned about a question regarding if the property was up for sale and if so, what price. I did complete it!! Anyway, i am semi hopefull of raising some money by Monday which should reduce arrears dramitically before hearing. I will keep you posted. Is there another way of sending a donation to you guys other than on-line. You have been immense in a very very stressful time. Thank you
  12. i live & work in different parts of the country. I can only hand deliver on my return this evening. No other way. I have just noticed another form - Personal Financial Declaration. It seems to be asking very similar questions to the defence form. I take it i do this one as well?
  13. I'm confused by the last bit. I have a date for hearing. Next wednesday.
  14. I can only get to court after 5pm owing to travel & work. Can you advise on the question regarding where i can live should they go ahead with re-possesion?
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