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  1. Hi Andy Just an update. Unfortunately I didn't have £155 to send in to request the judgement struck out, but rather than do nothing, I wrote to the court asking for clarification as to the two different outcomes. I have today received correspondence from the court, it says....... After reading a letter from me dated 14th July it is ordered that the judgement against me is hereby set aside as the claim has been struck out, they have also sent me a certificate of satisfaction or cancellation of debt Thanks so much Andy for all your help, just thought this update might help someone else. Let's hope that's the end of it, fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks, i will leave you in peace and start sorting out the forms. I will let you know how I get on.
  3. Thanks Andy Sorry if I sound a bit dim BUT do I go straight for the N244 or do I write to the court first for clarification?
  4. Hi Andy My original defence was that I had not entered into any financial agreements with Britanica, which was who they entered on the original claim, their amendment stated that they had made an error in inputting Britanicca and wished to change it to EGG. having reread this paperwork the order they sought was for "the defendent to file her defence or full or partial admission within 14 days of service" this is where i think I made my mistake. They have sent me so much paperwork it can be quite confusing. I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me.
  5. [ATTACH][ATTACH]52097[/ATTACH][/ATTACH] I have just checked, the claim numbers remain unchanged. These are the 2 letters I received, that are causing the confusion..
  6. [ATTACH]52092[/ATTACH] Hi Andy, Is this any better? I am about to write to the court to ask them to clarify whats happening, re the judgement to pay and the claim struck out letter. is there any particular way I need to word this do you think? thanks
  7. [ATTACH]52090[/ATTACH] Hi Andy I hope this is readable, this is the general form of judgement I received after Shoosmiths asked to amend their particulars, No 2 is what I thought was optional.
  8. Just a quick update, I rang the court yesterday, but the person I spoke to was as confused as I am and has said I will need to write into the court for clarification. She did tell me that I should have resubmitted the response pack when Shoosmiths amended the POC, p"ermission to submit" actually means "must submit"
  9. As soon as I read the letters I checked experian and it's there alright, I did think that they don't hang about, nothing on the file to say it was struck out which is why I think it's the 2nd letter that's wrong. I must say I'm surprised I haven't heard anything from Shoosmiths asking for the money!
  10. That's what I thought, I'm guessing it's an admin error, and they've put claim struck out instead of defence,as I said the CCJ is already shown Ing on my experian report. I'm just cheesed off that they can make a decision prior to the date of the hearing, what's the point of giving a hearing date and then making judgement a few days before, seems mad to me! Thank you both for your help I'll let you know what they say as it may be useful to somebody else.
  11. Having just gone through the paperwork I think this May explain the first letter making judgement. In April Shoosmiths amended their particulars of the claim, , this was agreed and from the court I rwc'd notice of this saying also that I had permission to file and serve a defence, I read this as optional as I'd already served my defence so did nothing, I'm now wondering if this was mandatory! I've had so much stuff through it gets confusing, I thought my original defence was enough
  12. Thanks for that, I did PM Andy who advised me to ring the court for clarification. I am just going through all the paper work to see if I was supposed to make a further reply as they changed the paperwork halfway through admitting to making errors on the original. Even so that still doesn't explain the second letter. I will put an update on once I've spoken to the court, would be lovely if it was actually struck out but realistically not likely
  13. Hi Andy Having been just waiting for the court date to arrive I've been quiet, but now even more confused, so wondered if you might be able to shed some light. My court date was set for 23 June, this clashed with a holiday that had already been booked. Due to fear of going to court and knowing I didn't stand a chance, I didn't change the date. Just got back from holiday to find two letters from the court, one dated 19th June, 5 days before court date, which was a judgement for claimant (in default) saying I have not replied to the claim form, which I did electronically and have acknowledgement , saying I have to pay forthwith, and checking experian have a CCJ on my file, it doesn't appear to give me an option to pay in instalments just says send payment to claimants solicitor. The seconded letter is dated 23rd June (actual court date) is a general form of judgement or order, and says "upon no attendance by parties it is order that the claim be struck out. I'm now really confused, why would the court make a judgement before the given court date. Can you clarify this? Don't know if I need to ask court if I can come to an agreement or the claimant. Thanks Jax
  14. So am I right in thinking theirs doesn't have to be with them for the 3rd Feb. guessing that's what you mean just checking.
  15. Hi Andy I am filing in the DQ, do I just send it to the court or do I send a copy to Shoosmiths as well, it says send to CCBC by 3/2/14 and serve copies on all other parties, which leads to my next question. When reading other threads you advise not to sign but to print name on documents to creditors, which I have done but the DQ asks for signature, which presumably means Shoosmiths/Marlin will have a copy of this. Any thoughts? Regards Jax
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