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  1. Thank you so much, I will show him this when he's home from work. I could only tell him so many times, I wanted to show him the actual legal wording x
  2. Hi I was wondering if one of the mods would be willing to put something in writing to reassure my other half. Six years ago TODAY (15th Aug 2006) I received the last of a series of defaults on my credit file following identity fraud. I have posted on this site over the years for help and won against DCAs, including ones that tried to issue me with CCJs. Thanks to absolutely rubbish help from the police I have never been able to prove who committed the fraud (I know who it was) so have basically had to wait for a few defaults to drop off my file: A couple of companies
  3. Statute barred debts....well that's a weight off my mind!
  4. Hi all! Has anyone heard of the company JB Debt Recovery? I had a phone call from them which resulting in him hanging up on me because I wouldn't confirm any details. I don't think they had the right name anyway! Peace out!
  5. Quite looking forward to that.....I will let you know of any updates x Thank you so much.
  6. I did ask Eversheds to produce copies of the identification used for the application and they seem to have ignored this, even though i have said from the start that this is a fraudulent account. I have that many crime reference numbers Ive had to write them all down on one sheet and a short description if which case they apply to haha. I always face the same problem - I can prove its not me but i cant prove it was her.
  7. Thanks Barclaysbunny. The probem I have is I did live at that address when the phone was taken out. There was one post box outside and one set of keys - I didn't have any keys and as I lived with my best friends I thought I couldtrust them. What I've found out now is that they were filtering my post and I only got what they wanted me to get. Ive been dealing with a credit card they had in my name with Cabot and they did send me the paperwork which had my forged signature on it. I also alledgely have a Capital One card for £4,500. This is the latest one to rear it's head, the only advantag
  8. Right, they sent me a letter this morning giving details of the account, date opened etc but no paperwork. they just explained the details in a paragraph. They want me to provide evidence that this is not my account by putting a statement in writing within 7 days or collection will proceed - i've not heard of this before. Is it something i have to do or are they just calling my bluff? Its not my account and didn't open it so i have no problem putting it in writing, maybe with "without prejudice" on the top but i just dont get how this would be classed as "evidence"? Anyone heard of this b
  9. Well they wrote back after all that saying that they had noted the debt as irrecoverable and I would not be contacted by them again. What I'm wondering is, does this mean they have given up and returned the debt to Monument or are they going to record it as my debt depspite the fact that it isn't and put "irrecoverable" on my credit file?
  10. I'm sure she does bank with another company, I think this card is just from when she was married, maybe he banked with that company. I have printed off the template and the budget sheet and I will explain to her about the CCA and see what she wants to do - I'm not pushing her as it's not me in her position but she knows and has seen for herself this site has helped me more than once.
  11. Purely out of interest, I always thought the CCA was for debt collecting companies - she is still dealing with the original creditor but is really starting to struggle with repayments.
  12. It's Natwest and I'm not sure how old..I will have to ask. I imagine within the last 5 years.
  13. Hi all, I am writing on behalf of a friend who currently does not have access to the internet. She is a single parent paying a mortgage on part time wages, this has gone up by £100 in the last couple of months. On top of this she is still paying off a credit card that was in both her and her ex husbands name but this is the debt that is crippling her every month and it is getting to the stage where she is afraid to answer the phone. I have had a look through the templates and I thought the letter offering token payments to creditors is the one that is most applicable (letter B with budget
  14. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you SO MUCH. x x x x x x
  15. In my dealings with Wescot, it has mainly been through letters with large font and INAPPROPRIATE capital letters, reference numbers here there and everywhere on the page ....and that's about it.
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