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  1. bit of help/advice please people. i took a loan out with an ex years ago and the monthly payments were something like £430 pcm. didnt pay anything after i split up with her as bsically the loan was all for her i just had to put my name to it as she couldnt get it alone, big mistake!! anyway she wasnt paying it and they caught up with me about two years ago. i ave been making reduced payments of £200 pm for probably 2 years or maybe more now and the total monies owe is just uner the £7k mark. i have managed to get enough money saved to clear this debt but obviously dont want to give
  2. no one is exactly chasingme, obviously they want the money back but i am paying so kinda get left alone!!! thanks for the letter
  3. i have not done that cca thing on them cos form what i have read then you get bad stuff put on ya credit file and it remains on my file for 6 years still after that time. i dont want that i want this last thing off of my credit file and put to bed behind me. can you point me in the direction on the f&f template? im new to this and dont know if ive even put this in the right place? does it matter it is still with the original lender and not a debt collector?
  4. hello right the situation is i have a rather old loan from about 2002 which was originally for five years but that i have been on an arrangement plan with for 3 years now as fell into difficulties making original repayments. the original loan should have ended in 2007 but as it stands i still owe £7500. the loan is still with the original lender and i have not missed a payment in best part of 3 years althought they say i miss every payment as i am not making the original payments. what i am wondering is would it be possible to make and have accepted a lump sum setlement
  5. im new to this, and dont know too much about this but i have succesfully reclaimed bank charges in the past. i have had a browse around several threads with regards to having loans deemed unenforceable etc. some seem to get lots of threatening letters with regards to pay up blah blah and end up with defaults on their credit history. this is something i definately dont want. the letters wont bother me a bit but the default will. my aim is to make my credit score better to enable me to get a mortgage i know we can afford and to stop renting. what will sending a sar and cca get me? do t
  6. 47 views and no help, hope someone can offer some advice
  7. COMMENTS AND ADVICE please, all be good, feeling rather lost atm!!
  8. can i please have some advice with regards to a very old rbs loan i have? i took out the loan probably about ten years ago now with an ex girlfriend, basically as its in both names we both jointly and soley responsible. i think she must have been paying it for several years after we split as i didnt hear anything about it. then probably 3 years ago i got a letter to my parents house saying i owed £x ammount and needed to be paid, missed payments etc. i rung them immediately, some what peed off and after not being able to find the ex and them explaining about me being liable i agreed to p
  9. well they want an increase ev 6 months or r threatening court action etc etc so i thought stuff it the debt is over 6 yers old and tbh im not even sure wat it was for but was from a time i was helpin an ex gf. if i can get away with not payin them then that would suit me!!
  10. thank you mr/mrs pt person, ill sort out the SAR thing too, best to send it at the same time is it (same envelope)? i would sooooooo love to not have to pay 175 pcm to them
  11. so after 14 days the debt is unenforceable............i could do with a postal strike!! lol the creditor is RBS wheres the more knowledgable people then ha ha, just want some advice on my case as apposed to everyone elses on here as they are all slightly different. is it worth me trying to mae the debt unenforceable? am i right in thinking the debt will remain on my credit file but RBS couldnt make me pay it? for how long would it stay on my accont as an uneforeceable debt?
  12. Hello my first post! I have read through some posts in here with regards to asking for the signed loan agreements and possible making the agreement, shall we say, null and void. found a template letter and have adapted it very slightly mainly to read 'I' instead of 'We' etc The loan i believe was taken out in 2001 when i was helping out a very ex girlfriend. 7 months ago the creditors contacted me with regards to making payments towards it etc etc I have been doing that at the rate of £150pcm and now they want to increase the payments which i have done for the next 6 months then
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