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  1. I sent the SAR to this address, taken from the store cards addresses sticky. IKANO Financial Services Ltd, Adam House, Players Court, Player Street, Nottingham, NG7 5LN
  2. Sar sent today! Am slightly miffed with this company after I have been paying them a standing order of £5 a week and I have checked with them over the phone and the details are all correct but the payments were not going through. The company were sending the £5 back each week but there was no reason for them not to be credited, as the person on the phone said, before I decided to go against them for the mountain of charges they have served me I decided to pay it off using my credit card (it was a measly £50 anyway) and did so over the phone. At the same time I checked the bank details and queried the payments. They did not know but happily told me my balance was £60 something, which was paid. I sent the SAR today, when I returned home there was my recent statement saying my last balance was £50something with no payments and a £12 charge for this!! Spo, even though I had told them on the phone that THEY were not processing my payments EVEN though the details were correct they had charged me!! Can't be bothered to moan over the phone, am just gonna include it in my list of charges and mention it in one of my letters...... Stupid companies and their hoardes of dedicated staff......
  3. SAR sent today!! Fingers crossed! The SAR requested was for Debenhams, dorothy perkins and topshop.
  4. Isn't that for when contesting the existance of a signed agreement so that they do not forge yours? Or can it help in this case too? Kx
  5. Thankyou for the welcome and advice. Before I send it will they still accept a cheque? Alot of company's no longer use cheques and I do not want them to delay this matter any longer than they will try to do anyway so what is the chance they will ask for a different payment? Karen.
  6. Am about to send a SAR to GE money for store cards with Debenhams, Dorothy perkins and Top shop. Do I have to send £10 for each card? And is the address the same. I feel a bit braver with so many people going through the same thing. Its a great site! Karen
  7. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and have spent the last few days reading over loads of threads! I am struggling to find a SAR specifically worded for store cards and catalogues. I don't feel the need to ask for a credit agreement as the debts have already been paid to the catalogues but I want to get my late payment fees, etc. I would have just reworded a bank charges SAR but I'm not sure how much you have to pay the company for the information. Is it different from the £10 payable to banks. Thankyou in advance for replies, Karen.
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