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  1. Sent SAR on 25th July 2008. Today I noticed that the cheque had been cashed and added as a payment to my account.......now I am £10 in credit as this account was paid off ages ago. Does that mean they didn't even read the letter? Should I call them or just wait till 40 days over? Karen
  2. Received letter today from Ge money. "The fees you refer to in your letter have been applied to your accounts in accordance with our standard Terms and Conditions. They are a core part of the terms on which we provide credit and are highlighted in the summary box contained in our marketing material. This material is provided to prospective customers before they make an appplication for credit." Lol, that does not make them faor or lawful tho does it ;p They also claim "Due to the amount of the administrative costs GE money incurs upon customer defaults, our view remains that we are entitled to charge these fees (which is not inconsistent with the view of the OFT.)" Its the general fob off letter but with a gesture of goodwill of all of £18!!! Not quite the £318 + interest I am requesting. They are also refusing interest. Do I wait till the LBA or go straight in with a 'thankyou for offer but will accept only as part payment of full balance letter?' Cheers, Karen.
  3. Good luck, hope it goes well. I have just started stuff with argos for my Dad. Sent the sar off last week so in the early stages. Karen
  4. Update, received charges list today! They also returned my £10 cheque, stating "Please note, this information has been provided free of charge." Bonus! Charges total £156 but its another £156 + interest (I worked out at £37.76 as charges not that old) to add to the money I am hoping to be claiming back from other companies. Will prepare and send SAR monday.
  5. Original SAR. They only just cashed cheque for it. Karen.
  6. GE money cashed cheque yesterday. Sent Prelim registered post today. I will give them till Mon to recieve (checking progress of letter via internet in case it arrives tomoro) it then will count down the 14 days. Am claiming for £318 in charges and just over £60 more in interest. Will keep thread posted.
  7. How is this claim going? Any chance of an update? Am curious as have justsent SAR off fr my Dad today.
  8. Times up on 5th aug yet they haven't sent any acknowledgment, I did not get registered post so can not find out if the address was correct or whether they have recieved it. Do I send a replacement or a letter reminding them? Karen.
  9. Thankyou Bookworm, not sure how I missed that when searching. Can get this drafted and sent off as soon as now. Karen.
  10. I have put this on the back burner as of late due to confusions over wording of the prelim. I am not sure which bits to take out so does anyone have an adapted prelim for store cards please? Thankyou inadvance. Karen.
  11. Thankyou Jellybabe. Have you received a payout from Littlewoods direct? Are they easy? Karen
  12. Cool, will try that, thanks. Although I am going for charges on this one, has I have paid this account off, I need a CCA for a different company but cannot find a template on this site. Could anyone give me a link?
  13. Does anyone know the address to send a SAR too for this company? I would like to send this off asap has I have charges going back quite far and don't wanna lose any.
  14. I had this problem with Tiscali twice!! On the second time (why didn't i learn the first time?) I repeatedly rang them asking to be upgraded to broadband and they did nothing, so I called them again. They said they would do it and it should be sorted in a few days and again, nothing. I emailed them three times on the second two explaining that I would cancel my account with them if they continued to ignore me (as they were not even acknowledging my emails!!) and again was completely ignored. When I called to get my Mac code and cancel they asked why and when I reminded them that they had ignored me via email and phone requests they apologiosed and said they would sort it now for me! Errrr...you've said that before! So i swapped and have never been back. Lots of people have had problems with paying them but there is nothing you can do except move to a better company.
  15. Mine only went back till 2005 but can't remember whether I had card before then, though do not think I got chages back then anyway. Legally you can reclaim charges from 6 years back. So that should be from 2002.
  16. Nope its just under £400 so I will lump them together. Thankyou will keep this post informed.
  17. I'm npot sure that they all were but I will work it out somehow..i'm wure they will be too busy with all the thousands of other claims to pick through my claim ;p So do I send 3 seperate prelim letters or can I umbrella them all under one? Karen.
  18. I just realised, when reading through the interest threads, that I probably can not claim interest back. This is because my SAR came back in letter form rarther than statements, therefore the balance at the time of the charge is unknown. Can anyone help with this? Is it possible that they are aware of this and are sending in this format so that people can not work out interest? Hence, saving them money?
  19. Don't you just love that bank! I would not be chasing all the companies for money if Halifax had not annoyed me so much with charges!
  20. 3 weeks in and still NO word from New Look, have received letters from GE money and Halifax in this time!!
  21. I think they will just ask again to prove that I am in financial difficulty and even if they do not the court will put a stay on it so I should fill in the form, has anyone else filled one in that could help please?
  22. I sent mine to Sarah Wainwright Data Protection Administration GE Money PO Box 700 Leeds LS99 2BD I received information 13th July! All the dcharges were listed in one letter, with dates, for all accounts. As they are not statements I can not check them but I will have to work with what I have. Do I send 1 LBA for them all or 3 seperate? I will also have to go work out the interest on top. Karen x
  23. Thnakyou I might just try that. Bookworm, would it be possible for you to take a look at my thread on halifax please? I need help there.
  24. Nearly 3 weeks ago I sent the first letter to Halifax listing the charges and asking for them back. I included my need for this to be handled quickly due to my financial difficulties. Last week i received a "we are dealing with your complaint as quickly as possible" letter and 2 days ago i got a thick letter saying that the court case allowed them to put the cases on hold but with a form to fill in to prove that I am in finacial difficulties. Any suggestions on how to fill it in? My biggest problem is that I took a loan from a family memeber that I have to pay back at an interest free rate of £40 a week. The other problem is that another family member paid my £1000 overdraft off for me so that I couldn't get any more charges with the understanding that I can pay him back when I have a good job after university which I start next year. Will they mention that I seem to have found thew money to pay this and therefore won't be classed as in financial difficulty? Should I also menton in this letter that a few weeks ago (when i finally decided enough was enough and started looking into claiming the charges back) they took £175 off me over 3 days even tho I had repaetedly told them that I am on benefits as a single parent and didn't receive this much money in a week? Any help would be gratefully accepted thankyou.
  25. Received letter yesterday for Top shop and Dorothy Perkins saying they have been over whelmed by SAR requests and will get mine to nme asap but are sorry for the delay.
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