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  1. Hi there,


    I paid off all my debts a few years ago before moving home. However, I forgot to inform Debenhams that I was moving but didn't use the card anymore anyway. I moved to a different county for university and have recently received a letter from a debt collector saying I owe nearly £200 through debenhams!! I know for a fact that I do not so called them and told them so. They said that they had already secured a CCJ in my absence with letters to an old address and that I would have to tell the court that I believe that I do not owe anything. However, I do not know where to start with which court to tell or what the £200 is actually for? I have not used my card since I paid it off a few years back.


    Please could someone advise me on what to do as i do not want to pay for something I don't owe and am saving to buy a house for after my partner and I have finished uni and do not want a CCJ to affect our chances of getting a mortgage.



  2. HI there, I agree with Tuttsi. I sent a prelim to halifax and they sent the 'on hold' letter but with a income/outcome statement for me to fill in to prove that I am in financial difficulty. I did this and they have offered me about 95%of my claim without having to send the LBA or start cout action! They have suggested that I putthe money onto my overdraft which was my intent so am not gonna argue that.


    One point that does annoy me with banks (among, but more so than others) is that they are allowed a stay yet do not put a hold on charges!! So its one rule for them and another for us! Even more unfair as they not only have the upper hand but also they are the multibillion corporations that in fairness could survive without the money. Unlike us.

  3. Was completley shocked today when I received a letter from Halifax offering £542 although they do not admit liability! This was esp amazing as I was only at stage 1!! By this I mean I had only sent a prelim letter and replied to their income/outcome statement to prove financial difficulties!! I skipped SAR stage as I already had all the information to hand.


    I had applied for £600 but realised after sending the letter that one of the charges had previously been removed so am happy with the result and am accepting their offer.


    They also stated in the letter that in accepting the offer I would not be disadvantaged if the high court ruled against the banks as my claim had been filed.


    This is great news as I was not expecting this money and it helps towards the overdraft I have had to go into again after a car accident 2 weeks ok that I was only covered for in 3rd party and being on benefits had to struggle to get a replacement car.


    Many thanks for the help and I feel a bit more confident in going after the other monies owed to me!

  4. I sent another email regarding this matter (I know its not the normal protocol but am saving letters on this one for post-statemtnts arriving) explaining my annoyance at their slow and confused state and clearly stating what information I requested.


    Received a reply explaining that individual statments would be charged at £4.50 each and would I be ok in this. This infuriatated me more so I sent another email reminding them of the £10 cheque, what I had actually requested and that there time was up yet I was still giving them time! It may have come accross as rather snotty, lol.


    Then on the same day I rceived all the information so felt a little quilty, lol. Have now gone through them and found that I am owed around £150. Will start letter writing in the next few days.

  5. Hiya, sorry to hear about your prediciment. I do not know anything about the court process as aren't that far yet but all myh letters have gone to, and been answered by,

    GE Money

    PO Box 700


    LS99 2BD


    Hope this helps.


    I do not understand what they are saying about non-breach of data protection (or whatever) as I thought they had to either povide you with the information they hold OR show a proof of destruction certificate. I think this is explained better on one of the templates for the non-compliance of S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letters.



  6. How old are the charges? How have you worked out the interest?


    I am currently at the LBA stage (well about to send it). I combined 3 GE accounts with acombined total of £318 then interest at around £60. After the prelim they offered and sent £13 across 2 accounts (the difference between their charges and £12). I sent the thanks but going for rest letter and they said they were giving no more so am writing up the LBA.


    Good luck with your claim.



  7. Ok, a SAR, phone call and email later and they have sent me.....a letter listing the charges on the account since aug 07! Again! This time with a breakdown of charges which I was already aware of (from statements available of the internet) and not going back for the requested period that the account was open.


    Am so annoyed with them but guess I shall contact them again and tell tham AGAIN that I want the information from when the account was opened or the last 6 years, whichever is longest.


    Has anyone else had this problem?



  8. Using the years worth of statements on their site I worked out that there were £49 in charges since Aug 2007, tho the account was only in use for 4 months during this period so thats alot! But, the account was open and incuring charges for years prior to this.


    Before I went to the lakes I sent them an email telling them of their error and when I returned they have sentme an email saying they are onto it and a letter to say they are collating the information.


    Now, just to watch the post.

  9. Hello, have returned from the Lakes and found a letter from GE money saying they are sorry that I am unhappy with the refund they offered (£13, an extra £5 was already mine as I was in credit so they claim £18 ). Again they refuse extra money and state "full and final settlement and no further adjustments will be made."


    So I'll be sending off the LBA as soon as.

  10. Received letter saying something along the lines of:


    "in response to your request........there has been £49 worth of charges put on this account since august 2008"



    Erm...firstly that is NOT what i asked for, secondly there is far more than that and thirdly why would they put charges on the account SINCE AUG 2008 when the account has been clear for months!!


    They have not understood what I asked and have only mentioned a few of the charges and got the dates wrong!


    Am going away tomoro but will get a letter to them when I return. What a farce this company is!

  11. Hi there, just started reading this thread tonight and think you should send LBA and non compliance letter straight away. It is not your responsibilty to cash the money and if the letter turned up without it (which it didn't) than they should have wrote to you and said so! They still need to explain that money is required IF (by a terribly long shot) the postal prder wasn't sent amd therefore should have contacted you. They had your letter and ignored it, which is against the data protection act (or whatever) so get them sorted asap.


    Good luck. Kx

  12. Filled out form and it says I am in the minus each month before I even put some of the money I owe out! I mentioned that I owe money to family after taking loans and that they took £175 in one week and have sent letter back to them today.


    Am interested to see their reply.

  13. Hey Nevos, thanks for subscribing. GE have been reasonably quick so far, am gonna send 'acceptance of offer but with intention to go for rest' today.


    I see your also from North Yorkshire. :)

  14. Apologies if this is a stupid question but how do you word the request for the £10 which was given for the Sar information in the prelim letter?


    Secondly, If charges were taken in 2005 but 3 months later the balance was cleared due you claim compound interest till the balance was cleared or till now?



  15. Thankyou, I have done as suggested and called them. The guy sounded confused as to what a SAR was and went away to come back and say "but your account is clear" (in a way that questioned why I owuld want info from the account, obviously a new kid who does not know about the reclaiming process). Finally he said he would put a note on the account for it to be chased up and someone will be in contact.

  16. Hi Jellybabe, are you charging interest straight on top of the £437.59 or are you going through the spreadsheets?


    When I wrote mine for GEmoney I did it on paper, adding the charge and then interest soley on this charge for the months till the next charge, adding this then interest on top again. I used around 30% but then divded it over 12 months working oiut the monthlky interest. On 3 accounts totalling £318 I seperatly worked out the interst and came up with a total of around £60. Would you say this is fair and reasonably accurate?


    I sent off my Sar to littlewoods and they just added the £10 to my account. Do you think they would have read the letter at all?


    Think we are in this one together lol.

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