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  1. Thank you Car, again, you've been a great help. I think I will just see what they come up with next, yes it is the reply to the letter you so kindly posted for me, thought it was a bit stange that they hadn't mentioned me making any payments to the. Thanks Again.
  2. Hiya They have just sent the same documents that I posted images of eariler, posted on this thread on 9th August apart from the letter which I have copied above, do I need to do this all again?
  3. Reply from Lowells We thank you for your recent letter and apologise for the delay in replying Your comments have been noted but please find enclosed a copy of your orginal agreement bearing your signature, togther with a copy of the T&C's When you signed the agreement you agreed to be bound by the T&C's and the ones provided are the most recent applicable to your account. We trust that this letter meets your requirements. Thoughts please if you don't mind, why are they mot asking for payment in this letter and surely the "recent T&C's" are not relevant to my account because they werent there when I signed it?? Sorry, a;; documents are the ones I was supplied with before as listed in this thread..
  4. You are an absolute STAR Car thank you so much, I really, really appreciate it. This site has, probably, saved my life and I am so grateful to you all xx
  5. Can anybody please help further, is it unenforceable and if so how do I respond to Lowells, many thanks
  6. There is no way of telling that the first two pages were together, all the rest I could have typed up myself, not got any names on it, not even Capital One. I have signed the first page. It was signed in Jan 2005 Thank you so much for your help, sorry but just one more questiion, how do I respond to Lowells? Sorry, do you mean that if the agreement was signed prior to 2007 it will be unenforcable?
  7. This is a page out of I think 9 pages, this one and the one below are both numbered 10 but have different headings???
  8. If you look at "Use Of Information" look at the numbers before it
  9. Also, not sure if it matters but whereas I have signed and dated it, they have only signed it, not dated it?
  10. I have read some of Sunflowers thread regarding Capital one, there seems to be an issue with the "Section 23" as mentioned on the first page, when I go to the second page, there is a section 1& 2 and then there is, well I don't know how to describe it, it look likes it is meant to say "section 23" but...................it looks like they have altered is, the 3 is quite clear but just before it, is another number that looks its made to look like a 2 but it looks like it was a 3 first (its has been def altered) then there is a 3 further along the the line than numnbers of the Sections 1 and 2. Also, all the typed documents which list all the suposed T&C's, there are two section 10's, one entitled FINANCIAL AND RELATED PRODUCTS and another one entotled PAYMENT and SECTION 23 is entitled GOVERNING LAW :idea: Please can anybody help, why if they have included what they think are the Terms and Conditions relating to my account, why have they sent another 9 pages containing them, these are typed out as you would type a letter or document, no mention of Capital One or myself on them whatsoever.
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