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  1. Thank you so much Steam powered. It is a final hearing on Thurs. The Judge made an order in Directions that the Claimant must provide documents by 4pm on 1st May to the Defendant settingout the work, client agreement letter charging rates attendance notes copies of letters they claim for. They have served nothing. Ive served all mine on them and the Court that I intend to rely on on Thurs. Ive been calling the Court and was told the Judge can let them disclose on the day their paperwork. Im interested in the Strikin out order could you point me in right direction as to
  2. Thank you steam powered. Sometimes you need someone unconnected to give a reality check. Appreciate your common sense approach. Yes I did file Counterclaim at same time as my Acknowledgement of Service, Defence and at same time issued a Counterclaim and paid my £70 fees. Money Claim a Online arranged mediation. claimant said they wanted it, then didn't turn up. The Mediator was really annoyed at them for not telling her they wouldn't be coming. She pointed it out to me that I could ask for Judgement. I had no idea I could. She just said perhaps you should think about ex
  3. I was told by a barrister that if a Solicitor undertakes work without a Client Care letter in place it's in breach of a The SRA regulations and their licence, that they have to have indemnity insurance in place to work in the UK. They in turn agree under the terms of Insurance to not breach their licence. If their Insurers find out they have a claim against them for non compliance their premiums will rocket or they may not insure. . Also Solicitors are duty bound to notify their Indemnity Insurers of all and any claims made against them immediately they are made. I've made a claim.
  4. Hi I served my Defence and Counterclaim at the Same time as I served my Acknowledgement of service. Money Claims on line wrote confirming receipt. I've called the xxxxx court it was transferred to they have it but no one can tell me what's being done about it. I've filled the forms N224 request for Judgement as there was no reply to my Counterclaim I've served it 4 times in email, by registered post and in person. It's just ignored. I feel angry I've got to go to Court Thurs with no disclosure dispite the Order saying they had to do so by 1st may I feel angry no one
  5. Thank you for your kind reply. Just you saying that things do go on, makes me feel better. I don't subscribe to the "I'm a victim" mentality, but on this occasion I feel like I'm going mad. I'm happy to fight my corner, I'm happy to play by the rules, I'm happy to accept British Courts Justice. But it's stacked against me it's not impartial and I am doomed to failure. Thank you for your kind words and advice. I shall definately use it. Thank you x
  6. Please can someone help me I need urgent help - I'm at the end of my tether. I'll be as brief as possible. In 2011 - I consulted with a solicitor over a divorce. I had a free half an hour. They asked me to pay them £1500 on account which I did. They said they needed it for court fees Then the solicitor went sick months went past. I kept asking for help they kept saying the solicitor was away. Then the Solicitor came back from being ill about 7 months later and said the money was gone. Would not say on what. They hadn't even written a letter or drawn up anything at all.
  7. Hi thank you so much, Yes I have stopped any more benefits going in, I have opened him up another account yesterday. The Balance is actually £4,008.79, this is all his benefit money from December 2009, which includes his rent money and disability/mobility allowance. They have been taking loan payments from his benefit money for over 2 years they knew they were doing it, because the money was being paid into the account and they even changed the repayment date to the date the money goes in from the DSS to make sure HSBC got their money first. I have been to Citizens Advice, th
  8. I am a carer for a disabled man who suffers from Parkinsons Disease. 3 years ago he took out a loan with HSBC for £19,000 he took out income protection insurance with the loan as he was working. A year later he contracted Parkinsons Disease and had to give up work. He struggled to pay back the loan. I went with him to the HSBC on several occassions and they said each time he did not have income protection even though he kept on saying he did. The Branch Manager did not want to know. She later left. I kept asking the bank to lower his repayments as they were taking his benefit money
  9. Thank you for your replies its all helpful. I have been speaking to the FSA who actually recommend that no one deals with them, they put that on their website. They agree their practices are illegal. It seems that because they are so huge and give their offices out as abroad, that everyone thinks they are untouchable. But because no one has really complained properly officially no proper investigation has ever been conducted. So If I can get enough people to join with the complaint then the FSA will act and it may be them that get their account frozen. Especially if they cannot accoun
  10. Hi, I may be on the wrong forum, if there is a more suitable forum would some kind person move this to where it should be. It may be the right place. Happy New Year too you. I have discovered a huge fraud, so huge that it seems unbelievable but I do have the proof and I have pursued it I have always purchased off of ebay, but after Christmas just gone I got an email which said clear your clutter and make some money. I though umm I've got clutter so I listed a few low value items. I've got excellent feedback 100% on 150, My paypal account has been verified and I've passed all the
  11. Hi, About a year ago, I was driving my car and a lorry crashed into the side of my car and drove. Off. I pulled over as my wing mirror had shattered glass. I got out the car to take the drivers details and a parking attendant appeared and issued a ticket saying I had pulled over on a no stopping area. I had a baby in the car that I was checking to as glass had gone on the back seat as the window was open. I explained and he could see an accident had taken place. But the fool still issued a ticket. I appealled the ticket and heard nothing back. the council never responded I
  12. thank you. I keep being told without a contract, or quotation or something the man has little chance of success, I am also told that the judge will want to know where he got the figure of 25k from ? I am also told that by his own admission he left the job unfinished and only half done as he ran out of money, I am told that under the sale of goods act and services if it is accepted that he was right to do the work, I would have recourse to reject his work as he took down our old fence and then only half replaced it with a shoddy new one and I would not be liable to pay anyway? Any though
  13. Thank you for your kind replies. I am not afraid of going to Court, after reading the Threads, at first I was terrified now I feel I can do this. I just feel that when it comes to my turn to speak, I would like to speak with some confidence, The man did not give any estimates, quotations, or pro forma invoices or any terms of business. He has never been able to produce any paperwork. The fences I believe took 2 days to errect. By his own admissions he said that he has left them unfinished as he ran out of money and cant do them until I pay him. I never signed any credi
  14. A while back I posted on here and got some good advice thank you. It was regarding some fences that a man put up on a property that we rent (whilst my husband was in hospital). We asked the man to come and quote for the fences before my husband went into hospital. He kept badgering us to let him do the work but we were unsure as we wanted to speak to the landlords as well. The next week my husband was taken seriously ill in hospital. The man put the fences up when we were away I was at my husbands bedside. (in the wrong places and then walked off leaving them half finished) whilst
  15. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate you coming to my aid on this one. I have just put in an appeal, I am not going to pay I have decided to fight it on the above information. Yes the discount period is put on hold whilst an appeal is considered, so nothing ventured nothing gained. Would not mind, our council is thousands of pounds in debt, the shops are closing all around their ears and they are employing more and more traffic wardens to chase people spending what little money they have on the remaining shops!!! Let alone finding little loopholes to penalise disabled OAPs thats my ran
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