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  1. Thank you very much for putting it simple terms! I don't think mine will come to much... I'll have a go at working it out though. Keep up the good work!
  2. Dang... Just slapped myself for being so slow on that one... Cheques. Thats them... Thanks! And sorry for taking up forum space...
  3. Sorry all, but I am totally confused by all the legal mumbo jumbo involved in all this and could do with some clarification on the interest matter... As far as I can tell so far... A) I can't reclaim interest charges that are my own fault (fair enough) B) I can claim money back for unfair charges What confuses me is interest on the unfair charges. We are all clearly in debt and eating into our overdrafts. So we are all going to be incurring interest charges for overdraft use. It is therefore not the unfair bank charge that has put us into our overdraft, because
  4. Hello, I have been struggling with my account for some time, and have for the last few months been on the absolute limit of my agreed overdraft. I have asked for and recieved statement copies for 6 years. Having gone through it all, I have noticed that randomly over the 6 years there are withdrawls that have no explanation at all but just a code... I.E. - Date - "000046" - ...(no explanation)... - £150 (withdrawn) balance What the hell are these??? Some are as high as £250 some as low as £4.08... Any help much apreciated, Thanks
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