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  1. slick123, i have resigned and have no income coming in and all do i still use the budget planner it won't have any income showing
  2. will the job centre ask me why i resigned, i dont want to tell them why, can i just say that i resigned will that be good enough?
  3. so best to write to the company like you say and wait for their response first, will speak to consumer direct as well
  4. 42man, I spoke to the owner he is not willing to do anything and has fobbed me off saying i got the training for what i paid for never had the promised 40hrs training at all, they said they would sign me off as having had 40hours training and they wanted my signature of the paperwork first, which is a con, why would i sign to say i had 40hrs training when i have not, can that consumer direct help?
  5. I've resigned, was wondering if anyone here can advise if I can claim benefits now as I am out of work or can i claim for a hardship loan or something, as i read if you resign your normally not paid for 6 months under normal circumstances
  6. it is hardship claim, dont know how to write the letter requesting the charges back, is there a template on the forum for a hardship claim?
  7. I have a barclays account which I have had for over 10 years and this had had charges imposed in the past for going over the overdraft limit, for direct debits and so forth, I don't have an idea to how to go about this, can you please help me and advise what are the steps that i need to take, from what i have read so far 1. get a list of all the bank charges applied to my account for the last 10 years 2. work the total amount of charges applied to the account don't know how to request the money back, is there a template letter i can use?
  8. I paid £2500 for a driving instructor course, which consists of 3 parts part 1 theory test - passed part 2 advanced driving test - passed part 3 - i was promised that I would receive a 40 hours in car/classroom training - i only received around 5 hours of in car training and the rest was sat in the class room writing up notes I have not been provided with the full 40 hours training for the part 3, the driving school have refused to give me a document that they should have signed to say i received 40 hours training (they refused because they never gave me the full 40 hours trainin
  9. pandapops, make sure your solictor does a good job and you could also ask for NWNF if money is a probably, your looking at least £10k costs, depends on your solictor and what they charge you, thats just a ball mark figure, plus you have to weigh up the costs of how strong your case is and how much you can win at tribunal, no point spending £10k if you only win a few hundred or say £5k in court, you have to weigh up everything, what about your local law centre thats free and they always have someone that does tribunals that could represent you i think for free if your not working, are you work
  10. i would put the ET1 in don't tell the company let it land on their door step! don't resign whatever you do, just go on sick leave, keep getting a sick note from your GP, but dont resign, get the ET1 in asap, dont answer calls from the company, keep everything in writing and just stay off sick, if you have the ET1 in and are off sick, they will have to pay you even if its ssp and they cant sack you when your off sick, if they do you have an extra claim for wrongful dismissal against them, dont resign stay on the payroll even if it means being on ssp, let them sack you, just stay on sick leave
  11. put in a grievance and get your ET1 done without telling them, get a sick note from your GP for a few weeks, your health is more important
  12. from experience get as much evidence as you can emails and so forth and other docs out of the office, get a diary started and put a grievance in asap
  13. papasmurf1cx, that is a very good point you made but the company will most likely pay 28wks ssp and they could even 1/2 that as well, its upto the discretion of the manager
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