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  1. Result, 6 months on! Thanks for all the posts and comments in relation to this. Curry's stood firm all the way to the door of the Small Claims Court and then backed down. In the period between June 08 and November 08 they issued affirmative threats that "they would fight the case all the way - no holds barred". I did feel frightened however kept going in the knowledge that I did not cause the damage to the TV and that I had rights. They did not submit any representation to Small Claims and the Decree was automatically issued in my favour. Within a week of the Decree being issued I received a letter of apology together with a cheque for a full refund of the TV and court costs. Now I am going after the Credit Card company under Section 75 as they backed Curry's all the way and decilined to refund me.
  2. Sorry about getting my first post wrong. This is an excellent site and your comments will spur me on to face the mighty Curry's with confidence. I will keep you posted...........
  3. I bought a 40" LCD TV in store from Currys 24th May. Took it home and opened the box to find a score on the screen and on the side. Took it back to the store and the Manager told me I can't get a refund or exchange because she thinks I damaged it myself. In fact she thinks I damaged it with the buckle of a belt! She says she is qualified to make this judgement because she has an MBA in Business Managament and several years experience of Quality Management Systems and is 100% confident of her assessment. I've contacted the Credit Card company and they have been 'considering' their position for 4 weeks. Meanwhile Curry's have my money and their damaged TV. Any suggestions? I quoted the Sale of Goods Act to a Curry's Reprepsentative and was told to stop because she did not understand legal terms and could therefore not listen to or record my comment.
  4. I have just joined the Forum - some interesting points re: Sale of Goods and the statutory rights of a buyer. But how can I enforce thjese rights? I complained immediately [and politely] and I have tried to obtain assistance from the credit card company who extended me the £700 credit to buy the TV however the Manager of the Curry's store is all powerful and refusing to accept that the TV could have been damaged when I bought it. She said she could form this absolute judgement because she had an MBA in Business Management and many many years experience in Quality Management Systems such as Six Sigma.............It's now almost 4 weeks on and I continually write/phone the Credit Card company - they say they are waiting on response from Curry's. Meanwhile Curry's have the TV and my £700 - any ideas or is it straight to Small Claims?
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