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  1. Hi both, Thanks for the responses. The date is marked on the vouchers but they were in an envelope given to me with a letter that said the value. I didn't need to view the vouchers at all so didn't even think about time expiration. I'm only used to the John Lewis vouchers that have no end date. I suppose it's further complicated by the contract being between my ex-employer and the voucher company rather than me. Expensive lesson I guess. cheers
  2. Good Morning, Sounds stupid I know but when I retired in 2007 I was given an envelope with about £300 worth of gift vouchers. I put them aside until I could find something to buy. I forgot about them until this week and fetched them out again. It turns out that the vouchers have an expiry date about 12 months after issue (expired Sept 2008). I spoke to the Customer Service people and they simply said that there is no further action they can take as the deal the gift voucher company has is that once the expiry date passes then that's it. Given that my employer spent almost £300
  3. Hi citizenB, Yes that's true and I believe the figure is something like 75% of national wage but reality is that if you miss a deferment request for any reason (could be you forgot or even that it wasn't received) then they start the follow-up procedure and there's no going back, no matter how hard-up you become. I have read that Government is rethinking the whole procedure but in the meantime the SLC just do follow-up regardless of the ability to pay that formed part of the original agreement. cheers PBS
  4. Hi All, Thanks for the encouragement and advice. We've resolved the first couple of debts now and are trying to get to grips with SLC. Received a demand from Pennine and followed up with letter N and suggested disclaimer in heading. Used recorded delivery even though it's a Selectapost address (sounds like a PO Box) as that's the only one they give. We're waiting for a response within the stutory timescale. Student loan has had some repayments made even though son has never earned more than minimum wage and he has had numerous requests for deferment ignored / rejected. Will up
  5. Hi all, Attended court but no success. Because he recognised the debt and is willing to pay then there is no defence. The fact that he cannot pay doesnt matter. The original judgement still stands and would have been no different if he had attended the original hearing. We were also willing to pay but that would not remove / reverse any CCJ, which will stand. It's possible to pay the bill and then apply for a settlement certificate but that doesnt wipe out any CCJ record. Given that he has no possessions or regular income then the best advice was that the HCEO cannot take what he doe
  6. Hi, Yes, he recognises the debt and there's no dispute about it. Like most things, now it's out in the open we can help to resolve it and it would be good to do that without a CCJ hanging around. Getting the bill upped by about £500 due to court and HCEO fees doesnt help either. We'll see what the court says and take it from there. The scariest part was having a siezure noticed pushed through the door with no apparent warning. Not that simple I'm sure but it looks like there doesnt have to be proof of delivery for notice of a court hearing and that feels wrong - even if it's the way the
  7. Update: Son rang High Coourt and got help with information about background and immediate steps to take. Has completed a 'Stay of Execution' form and sent it off with fee (£75) to save time, asking for another hearing as he was unaware of the first one. Will update as it develops. thanks for your help PBS
  8. HI, Thanks for the update. I'll get him to ring Monday am. cheers PBS
  9. Hi CitizenB, Thanks for the quick response. I've read through the info on there and it sounds like prompt action for a Stay of Execution and some legal advice is needed. The HCEO notice doesn't have any dates on it so I hope it's within the seven day period. thanks again, PBS
  10. Hi all, Apologies if I've posted in the wrong group - please redirect if so. My son has received a Notice of Seizure (Form 55) posted through his letter box on Friday giving details of a court judgement against him. Although he recognises the debt he had no knowledge of the court case nor an opportunity to attend. He rents the house with a friend so doesn't know what goods have been siezed. Nobody entered the house and the form isn't dated at all. He doesn't have any income at present (no, really!) as he's been trying to set up a small business without much success so far and he do
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