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  1. well im 23 now and these paid referalls were in july 2003
  2. well i am considered in hardship as i start full time education in sept so apparently that rules is waivered for me?!
  3. so this means that i can just write a letter tommorow, saying that i forgot to include the £10 and can they add it to the 101.50 already requested for
  4. heh lol! you too, im on tsr, mse and here at cag - i have seen you everywhere lol
  5. is it possible to reclaim the £10, the thing is today i sent off for the £101.50 they owe me and i forgot to add the £10 sar fee if it isnt possible to reclaim this then plse feel free to tell me to shut up if i can however, is it ok to send another letter requestign it back? and are there any templates or anything for this cheers
  6. this is very interesting - im sorry for bringing up an old post, however i would like to do the same with barclays for my account would somone be able to point me to a template letter and address in whcih i could send it to? thanks very much
  7. hi, im trying to reclaim some bank charges - they are "paid referalls" anyway, i have around £120 of them over a 2 page spread, with some of them also being refunded to me as well as i am struggling to understand exactly what i can claim - i was hoping someone "trustworthy" could let me scan them in and send them - in order for me to get some help thanks very much
  8. ooooo i didnt realise i could reclaim it lol!!! im just being a tight a*** arent i ! thank you for the help
  9. so they actually sent you the cheque back?!!!!! they are asking for £20 off of me grrrrr should i pay it or what? i mean theyve already had a tenner
  10. Hi i contacted Barclays, for a list of all the charges i have payed, It has been sent back to me, from barclaycard who are refusing to send me the list unless i pay the, £10 as well as the £10 i paid Barclays, is this correct? I mean, isnt Barclaycard owned by Barclys, who have recieved my payment already? (just to clarify, i sent one letter and one £10 cheque to cover 2 current accoutns at barclays and 1 credit card with barclay card) I hope someone can help me further with this Regards JD
  11. Thank you for your reply, its much appreciated . Im sure jermain defoe need not worry about defaults, he has the worry of ending his career at Portsmouth to attend to first You ask if the defualted amounts contain bank charges? If i get what you mean then, yes. I was charged heavily throughout the process of getting my 2 defualts on the current accounts. And 3 days a go i submitted a requestt with the £10 for a list of all my charges so i can start redeeming some of them, hopefully i will have a nice sum of cash back If i am to be honest it was my fault that the defualts existed, however Barclays were indeed acting savagley in redeeming cash and paying back the overdrafts etc. They didnt provide me with a nice "oh your our customer, lets try and help you sort your finances" approach. They just whammed me with repayments and charges lol, When trying to justify i didnt recieve any default letters from barclays i used the approach that can be found on the following post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/149119-where-do-i-stand.html#post1576991 The beggining of this thread begins where the one above left of, so the first post in this thread is a reply to the last letter in the link i gave above. I dont know if thats of any help Thanks for showing interest jermaindefoe
  12. Hello, i am planning on sending off to get a copy of all the fines and charges i have paid in order of getting some back what i want to no is, i shall be requesting charges for 2 current accounts at barclays that are now closed but closed less then 2 years ago, and one barclaycard account. Do i have to pay the £10 fee three times? or as all three are barclays accounts i just pay once? thanks peeps
  13. Hi everyone, I last was on the forums when i was asking for help in appealing 2 defualts i found on my credit score that are on my current accoutns from barclays. Well it looks like its going to be impossible for me to remove them as they say the same thing "A termination notice has been legally sent to you for an overdrawn balance on a current account. This has been correctly issued under section 76 (1) and 98 (1) of the consumer credit act 1974. Please note as the balances relate to overdrawn positions on both your current accounts there will be no agreement held and not neccesary. I can confirm the debt was not sold on. Whilst i sympathise with your position it is not our policy to remove defualt data which has been properly recorded with the credit reference agencys" Grrrrr, that last sentance just rubs it in. But fair doos, i cant argue anymore, anways i was thinking, as the defualts are 2 years old now, do you think it would be a good idea to ask for the latest date possible that they would be removed? that way at least i know? Finally, the defualts where satisfied like a week after i got them, which was 2 years ago. What i would be intersted to find out is, will i ever be accepted for any form of cedit again in the next 4 years until they drop of my file. The thing is, i will have no option but to live at my parents house until i am 27/28 years old becuase i wont be able to rent anywhere as i will probably fail the credit checks because of the 2 defualts!!! Also i have a credit card that i am keeping the payments up on and that is fine, my credit rating is showing ncie green dots next to that, and as such i will have enough saved to pay of the credit card in full, £2500 in 3 months! yay! so that can only be a positive sign? what do you think the banks will think on that when they do credit checks? My credit rating was 765, and that should go up when i pay the credit card of shouldnt it? and 765 is ok isnt it? thanks peeps, would really appreciate your input
  14. ok thats a good idea, but i accidently made two identical ones, here is the one i suggest using http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/149119-where-do-i-stand.html#post1579609 ive requested the other to be delted
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