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  1. Hi there, A few years back I worked for a telecoms companies and I'm not sure about customer care calls, but all outbound sales and inbound sales calls where recoreded - but the issues come when they need to be retrieved!
  2. Generally speaking companies will try it on stating you have to pay when legally you don't, so it is ALWAYS worth checking things out when this happens - this is why they do it because they know most people will just pay it. I keep all agreements / contracts so I always have the backup if needed
  3. Hi Seq, Not sure if this is still relevant to you now, but when ever I am selling anything which is electronic / high value, ESP mobile phones, I never take international bids (you can select this when you are setting up your listing), then basically keep an eye on who is bidding - you may want to cancel any bids from those who are new members (what happens is people register rip someone off then the account is closed) or has poor feedback. Then cover you back when it comes to payment and postage ie make sure you have the money before you post, get proof of posting / tracking etc. Hope
  4. Exactly!!!! This is what I was thikking.....they must get it from somewhere - I remember a while back reading something about it coming from Essso but who knows if there is any truth in that!
  5. Hi, I am after a little bit of advise please. I have had a PCN from Dacorum Borough Council for parking on Park Lane(Which looks like its been filled in correctly) and it is for parking in a restricted street during precribed hours. being completley baffled by the reason I've asked for further details surrounding the nature of the offense. The council state that yellow lines prohibit parking 24 hours a day unless there are signs that specifically indicate otherwise, they state the restriction extends from the crown of the road to the edge of the adjoining premieses / bounda
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