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  1. As a result of 1st credit issuing Stat Demand I found this web site and have started fighting back and no phone calls Applied to have Stat Demand set aside on grounds of no credit agreement, unlawfull charges and no notice of assignment from Barclaycard. CCA'd 1st Credit on 21st June have the usual replies from them but no credit agreement and or notice of assignment. Court date is set for 13th Aug and I have requested my costs. S.A.R. - Barclaycard including the request for a copy of my credit agreement. In todays post copies of my statements covering Aug 02 till Jun 08(Account was opened in 1994) Copy of their letter attached Should I have received the following if they exist a copy of my Credit agreement ? a copy of the Notice of Assignment ? a copy of Default Notice? No copies of letters from either them or mercers? On Statement for Jan 08 there are three CHRGOFF entries and a credit for the full balance All the subseqent statements are showing zero balance? Whats my next move with Barclaycard? Doc1.doc
  2. Probably a repeat but Debt 1 & 2 Took notice of change of my circumstances, listened and took reduced payments without penalties being applied. My circumstances changed and I have increased payments. Still not at the original amount but still no penalties and they will get full payment albeit over a longer time. Haven't CCA'd them as they acted responsibly and fair. Debts 3 & 4 Took no notice, ignored all correspondance and increased the stress of what was already a difficult time. Refused to acept reduced payments (I still made them) and carried on adding interest and charges. They don't have valid CCA's and are getting nothing and won't get anything.
  3. Have already CCA'd First Direct and they have said they are refering this back to their client. Can First credit issue a SD if they aren't the owners of the debt?
  4. Despite making regular payments to Barclaycard they decided to involve 1st credit. I never received anything from Barclaycard to say they have assigned this debt to First Direct. Got a few letters from First credit and thet then hit me with a SD. Thanks to this site I sent them a CCA request and recieved a letter from them saying they are refering this back to their client and they will reply with their clients comments in due course but this may take up to a month. What action do I need to take next and in particular to stop the SD Thanks
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