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  1. Thank you, DX. I will start with an SAR then.
  2. Hi All Need a little bit of assistance with a claim for mis-selling of PPI. This is the first time I have attempted to claim PPI as I think this is the only account I have had PPI on and I didn't think it was possible to claim back from accounts pre-2005. I've read a couple of threads but they seem to be a couple of years old now, so wondering if anything might have changed at all. I purchased a car through YCC/DAF in 2001. The account was settled in 2005. When I was sold the car/finance I was told that taking out the PPI and GAP insurance were mandatory for the credit to be agreed, and I was on a fixed term temporary employment contract at the time so I feel that they were mis-sold. I have none of the paperwork remaining, so do not know account numbers etc Could someone let me know what the first steps are in the process? Is it too late to claim? Do I start with an SAR? Anyone have an up to date address for them? Would I be better off getting a company to do this for me? Any help you can give would really be appreciated. Thanks
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