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  1. I have already asked for an invoice with a full breakdown of where these costs are coming from. I no doubt expect that this will not be what they send but I will then request in writing and until such time as they produce the breakdown I will consider the account to be in dispute. A disputed account can not be passed legally to a debt collection agency and the DA will drop it like hot potato when they know the account is in dispute. ska
  2. As they may charge an admin fee then I believe that I may choose not to acknowledge it ska
  3. Yes correct on the number of payments made, no mention of admin charges except for the following OTHER CHARGES: ADMINISTRATION FEE - If you make an underwriting change to your policy after the first 14 days, we may charge an administration fee of £25. ska
  4. Policy total £397.02 with monthly payment charge £436.85 and 8 months into policy. advance payment £33.07 1st payment £36.78 further monthly £36.70 ska
  5. If you cancel your policy: 1 month 20% 2 months 30% 3 months 40 % 4 months 50% 5 months 60% 6 months 70% 7 months 80% 8 months 90% 9 months onwards 100% No claims have been made on the policy and no mention of additional charges.
  6. I am just digging out the policy docs at the moment, secondly the fee seems overly high to me. Can they just take a direct debit despite it being cancelled and my telling them that I do not give them permission? Also when I took the policy I knew that it potentially would not be for the year and I questioned them on this and was told not a problem and that there would not be any significant charges applied. ska
  7. I recently cancelled my direct debit for the car insurance as the vehicle has been sold and the policy is no longer required. Just received a letter stating that if dd not put back in place then the policy would be cancelled, fine I thought. Called M&S to tell them that the policy was no longer required. The person on the phone then said this was not a problem and that the policy was cancelled immediately, they then went through a number of figures and stated that I now owe them a large sum of money. I questioned this, to which the person said we will atttempt to take it by direct debit which I said you will not, I was then told you must pay by credit or debit card again I said no, and stated that I would like to see an invoice to ascertain what these costs were. My question is what are they trying to charge me for and secondly is this allowed? ska
  8. As stated usual threatogram. I received three letters from DLC the last back in January. Just ignore them then ignore some more, have not heard a thing since ska
  9. Thanks DonkeyB I thought this was the case, complaint to the OFT in progress. ska
  10. I have now received a postcard from Hillesdens that claims they want to make an appointment to speak with me. By the way that will not be happening and if they turn up then they will be told where to go and the police called The postcard was not in an envelope and was there for everybody to see, are they allowed to do this? ska
  11. They have sent me letters demanding payment for an account with Lowells, which I have no idea at all what it is, so sent them prove it letter. They placed account on hold for 28 days whilst they got the paperwork, miraculously and not a bit surprised no paperwork arrived what so ever, but they managed to send a demand for payment exactly 28 days after the initial letter. They seem to be another complete and utter DCA joke. ska
  12. After receipt of the first letter I sent the following: Dear Sir/Madam, You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Mystery Person. I am familiar with the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance, which states that it is unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question. I would also point out that the OFT say under the Guidance that it is unfair to pursue third parties for payment when they are not liable. In not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive/and or unfair methods. Furthermore ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment. I would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account unless you can provide evidence as to my liability for the debt in question. I await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a complaint to the trading standards department and consider informing the OFT of your actions. I look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully I then received "the account is on hold for 28 days whilst we query our client for the relevant documentation to be issued to you." I have now received this: ont] I have not received any documentation regarding this alleged debt, and now they send a DEMAND FOR PAYMENT. Any ideas as to what should be done next? ska
  13. I just received the usual reply that the account will be placed on hold for 28 days until they can obtain the paperwork from their clients Lowell Financial. ska
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