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  1. hi dolly we have added up all our charges and the difference between our total and the banks is £228.65. the woman my wife spoke to asked if we would like to go through to stage 2 and then handed her over to some manager who mas quite abrupt with my wife and said we would hear something within the next 28 days. should i just send the notice of issue form back to the court and ask them to make the bank pay what they owe .
  2. hi all well my wife foned the nationwide about the money they still owe us and was told the person dealing with it is now on holiday .and would we like to go to the next stage ...whatever that is ? my wife said yes ok . i told her she should have said no and demanded the £226 they owe us . what should we do now and what would this next stage be ? should i fone them and tell them we dont want to negotiate and would like our money or see what they have to say?
  3. ok michael will do ...thanks
  4. we are going up near avimore . a friend has a cottage up there and we are staying with them for a few days
  5. thanks again no we had a letter saying how much they were going to pay us back . but their figures dont tally with ours and they are £268 short . we havent signed anything or sent anything back to nationwide. we have got this far i dont just want to give up and let them get away with anymore of my money than i have to .
  6. hi paul thanks ,, we are off to scotland next week , but i would like to know do i contact the bank direct and ask them for the missing £268 or do i send the form that the court sent me back to the court and get them to ask the bank for my money ?
  7. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee well the nationwide has coughed up without a fight to the tune of nearly five grand....im so happy i could kiss everyone .. the only thing is they are about £268 short of our figures .. do i contact them direct or should i send the form back to the court to get the missing £268. help please.. crooky
  8. no . we were overdrawn by £762 . and just over half that has been paid into our account. we are claiming £4692.18 off them . so i hope to see at least £4000 in our account .......in credit that is
  9. hi all well a strange thing has happened to my joint account ... i have had two deposits put in . of nearly five hundred quid ... and it wasnt me or the wife ...? wonder who could have done it. we`re still a couple of hundred overdrawn.which is entirely the nationwides fault . anyway good luck to you all who challenge the system crooky
  10. hi dolly thanks for your supporting words . my wife foned me at work earlier and told me we had the letter . must admit i felt a bit worried as ive never done anything like this before. and i could certainly use the cash right at this minute. all the best crooky .
  11. hi everyone well i submitted my claim last week and today i recieved a letter from the court saying the defendant has filed an acknowledgement of service .indicating an intention to defend all the claim.the defendant has 28 days from the date of service to file a defence ... DO I NEED TO BE WORRIED....? or is this just standard practice . if they do defend can anyone advise me as to what action i should take to make sure i get my MONEY.... thanks all crooky
  12. hi i took my claim to the court yesterday and it cost me £120. that was for a claim of nearly five grand . hope this helps . good luck ... crooky
  13. hi all thanks for the input by everyone. well im off to the court tomorrow to hand my paperwork in and with luck get my money back from these highway men (women) lol.
  14. hi michael our claim is for nearly £5000 . plus they have just hit us for another £762 in charges. crooky
  15. Hi We bank with the Nationwide and are in the progress of claiming back charges and snap we had the same letter as yourself, we waited 14 days and sent another letter to them and surprise surprise we didn't get an acknowledgement from them, so don't be put off, yes it does seem frightening but once we get our money back we're going to frame their letter !! best of luck. crooky
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