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  1. Just to say Thank you to everyone .. the judge has throw the case out because the they could not provide any proof of a deposit being sent hence no contract
  2. Sorry I see what you mean .. .... I wish the court to review the case to see if it falls under CPR 3.4(2)(a) CPR 3.4(2)(a) allows a strike out on the grounds that a statment of case shows no reasonable ground for bringing or defending the case. .... does that sound OK ? I have upload the case details .. I thought the lady was trying to reclaim all the money for another puppy but she trying to claim for £300 ... I also pointed out to her on the 15 April that she was emailing me and not the girlfriend ..and that I would be out of the country for few days so she should contact my G/F direct by phone .. which she did not do ... Lasty I think I pointed out .. we did offer her a alterative puppy at reduced cost .. but because it was female she refused .. page 1.pdf page2.pdf
  3. As said the case has been transfered to Hitchin Court and they sent us a questionarie I would like to put on the questionarie ... I wish to apply to have the claim struck out pursuant to CPR 3.4(2)(a) as no contact Does this sound OK ? or should I word it in another way ?
  4. Just a quick question .. as I said the case has been transfered to Hitchin Country court and they said us a questionaire to fill in ... I would like to put ... I would like apply to have the claim struck out pursuant to CPR 3.4(2)(a) as there is no contact does this sound OK ?
  5. Sorry my mistake it was Weymouth country court .. we just had a letter from the court saying they got our defence forms and have now transfer the case to local court Hitchin ... Hopefully will get the case details scan tomorrow and posted
  6. all she said was she will put the cheque in the post .. we never got it and certainly never sign any thing so doubt that she sent it either registed or recorded.. Will update this post as the case goes to court .. I just think she trying it on ...did say to my G/F counter claim .. but she just wants to draw a line under the whole thing. Once we have replied to the court .. does it then go to a judge to decide to process with the case ?
  7. it's been issued by Weymouth Magistrates' Court will try and scan the documents in over the weekend and post them. She must think just has a case as she spent £50 to purse the case though the courts.. sorry just can't see how ... we stated clearly receipt of a £300 deposit.. Just emailing saying posted a cheque isn't a receipt of deposit..
  8. She said that she had to get another puppy from liverpool hence was extra cost for her .. so she is trying to claim the cost , Compensation , fee for cancelling the so call sent cheque and load of stuff around £2000 ..
  9. I can't see how she can make the claim .. but she already sent the Claim court papers .. so going to have to defend it.. I mean if you really wanted the puppy.. you would think she would have done bank transfer or record deleviry or something .. instead of just saying she send a cheque in the post
  10. She said she sent it but we did not Receive anything ...
  11. My Girlfriend is being taken to a small claim Court .. My G/f was selling some puppies ... and agreed to hold a puppy for a person on receipt of a £300 deposit... this was agreed via email... Unlass we did not receive any money and then sold the puppy to another buyer.. When the original buyer contact it us , we said we have not received any money and therefore have now sold the puppy to anther person.. We did offer her a different puppy but because it was female she refused Now the original buyer claims we have a contact with her and is now pursuing costs and damages against us via small claim court ... What defines whether a contact exists or not? i.e does she have a validate claim against us Mick [EDIT] Do not post your personal details on the open forums. It could attract unwelcome attention.
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