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  1. Moved house last year to a property which had prepayment meters. Despit being a long-standing UWC member, they wanted £200 per piece from me to change to a 'proper' credit meter, and could/would not re-install our broadband service for TWO WEEKS. one less customer, then. Andrew Lindsay & Charles Wigoder, I hope you are reading this because your company could have kept my business sooo easily.
  2. My ten penn'orth, in the hope that it (at least) will offer a crumb of comfort. My partner received a similar letter from these pond slimes - similar story, reposession then a decade of silence, then out of the blue ARUK start sending polite but insistent letters, encouraging dialogue. After a brief exchange of probing correspondence, we took CAG's advice and requested a SAR. Lo! there was no activity of any sort on the account until Northern Rock unloaded their slew of toxic debt, presumably in order to cleanse the business before fitting Taxpayer-funded training wheels. That was the las
  3. Mortgage debt statute barred after 12 years without acknowledgement. Council of Mortgage Code of Practice states (verbatim) “From 1 February 2000, lenders who are members of The Council of Mortgage Lenders have agreed voluntarily that they will begin all recovery action for the shortfall within the first six years following the sale of a property in repossession. Anyone whose property was taken into possession and sold more than 6 years ago, and who has not been contacted by their lender about recovering any outstanding debt will not now be asked to pay the shortfall”. The CML statemen
  4. Hi Ellijay, Oddly enough, my mate SAR'd these scumbags in Sept 2008 and received the requested info in Oct 2008. Since then, not a whisper. She assumes that they've managed to locate and squeeze something out of the lowlife ex-husband, but we heard that he'd lost his job recently, and is not known for taking financial commitments too seriously. PM me if you need any details, Id rather not post the minutiae here as I'm sure the pond lifers read these posts too. Regarding home visits, please see http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/consumer_credit/oft664.pdf
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope someone will read this with the benefit of qualification, experience, or foresight! I'm deliberately being vague-ish in case some of the DCA pond life read these posts (I would be surprised if they didnt) A "Friend" is currently being chased by these gonks over an alleged Northern Rock repo debt which arose in 1999. To snip a bit, we SAR'd the DCA and recently received an A4 envelope containing copies of letters sent by NR up to 1999, then a gap of nearly EIGHT years till the NOA from NR (original NOT received by my friend) dated 2007. 1) The SAR
  6. Aw, thanks for helping enamae and GuidoT. enamae, the info in your link went back as far as 2000, and although there was a sale entered for (no12 DL3 6DJ) in 2003, it was not the transaction I needed. I'll go and see if I can get the info from the Land Registry for 1999 transactions Thanks again for helping..... Nordkapp
  7. Hi Everyone, I thought I had trod in something revolting:eek:, but it turned out to be a letter from Asset Recoveries UK.... usual story, antique mortage shortfall, joint/several liability, not sure if ex-spouse making payments, SAR request going in next week. To get to my point, does anyone know of any sources of house sale prices from 1999-on? all the sites I tried go back max 7 years. Thanks Nordkapp
  8. We find ourselves in a similar predicament - letter from Fairmile asking for 5k repayment of Northern Rock reposession shortfall debt (DOA, etc) from 11 years ago. Luckily, the person on the recieving end has little in the way of assets, does not work, and has no interest in any property, so we're just ignoring any correspondence (based on professional legal advice). We are informed on that basis that there is nothing that could be gained by taking a person of straw to court, and I personally think that Fairmile, from a business point of view would prefer not to gamble in court, and go f
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