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  1. Nope has gone very quite debt no longer appears on credit file though no more hfo phone calls either
  2. http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab114/niteman33/trjpg2.jpg http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab114/niteman33/hfo12jpg2.jpg
  3. Got a polite letter from Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors today telling me 21 days before action lol also the balance has been dropped by £900 since their last letter or rather HFO's last letter HFO have served me with a default notice with the date of default being 13-08-2005!!!???? Checked my credit file and this no longer exists there as it is Statute Barred. Should i ignore or send them the letter?
  4. I got a please do not ignore letter today telling me that in three days it will be passed to their solicitors... lol that'll be interesting as in three days its Statute Barred
  5. HFO currently ringing my parents trying it on with them!
  6. Just had the following from ICO Thank you for your data protection complaint about Welcome FinancialServices Ltd (WFS). I can onlyapologise for the length of time it has taken to reply but we have had asignificant number of requests for advice and information which have led to abacklog of cases and an inability to respond as quickly as we would wish. Complaintsto the Information Commissioner’s Office Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (the DPA), those who collect and usepersonal information have to follow rules of good practice for handling
  7. Woohoo recieved 1st 72hour letter! Was created on 27th, Posted on "8th and Recieved today and what a surprise my 72hours is up... Still no further with SAR from Welcome although does anyone know can I write again offer the 7 days to send the SAR with Statement of Price etc details if not recieved I'll then small claims them for the amount HFO are claiming for?? In excess of £2000 If this is interest at 12% per annum I want an account with them.
  8. 72 hour notice of action plus info on baliffs attched lol. They still have not sent through complaints procedure and i have OFT now recieving my letters from HFO. No futher foward with welcome on SAR requests this is now a formal action with ICO. Will keep updated.
  9. 37 mins on hold to be put back through to PPI
  10. Got my 4th SAR from Welcome. All they have sent dispite asking for Statement of price etc is customer notes. oh and the name account details and address of someone in north east. Rang to complain spent 28 mins on hold only to find out i'd been put through to PPI insurance! Am on hold again 10mins and counting!
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