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  1. Hello again Buzby, today i received a very nice letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery, asking for payment of £24.09 and thanking me in my co-operation in this matter??? The strange thing tho is there is not one single threat in the entire letter, so I'm guessing the last letter I sent has helped. But i'm just wondering what to do now with regards to this new crowd? Cheers.
  2. Just to update everyone, I went to the pharmacy on Monday and got my nicotine inhalator and 42 x 10mg capsules. When I said it was free help what i didn't realise is that it is only free if you don't pay for your prescription, but still £3.00 is nothing in comparison with how much they would cost you to buy off the shelf (about £20). I am now smoke free for 4 days!!! The inhalator won't suit everyone I guess but to me it is brillant!!! Cravings are gone almost instantly with just a few puffs!!! On Tuesday night I had a couple whiskies in the house to see how I'd get on and there was no temptation. Again on Wed night I went down the pub and had 4 pints again without temptation, so the old myth of smoking and drinking has been broken! This week however will be the test of all as it's L'pool vs The ****! I'll keep you all posted...
  3. Obviously not but then it's a different part of the brain that takes over and does the thinking when you are asleep so why would you?
  4. I wasn't obviously trying to deny anything ya numpty? I didn't mention quitting or will power? All i said was to say smokers don't wake up wanting a fag is simply stupid, nothing else?
  5. This IDIOT obviously has never smoked or know many people that do! To say people don't wake up wanting a fag! Most smokers I know have to have a fag first thing in the morning, and I know I have one myself within 45 minutes of waking up when I am working.
  6. Hi Guys, Been struggling for 2 years to break the habit now but have just discovered that you can get upto 8 weeks nicotine replacement therapy FREE from your pharmacist so i have booked a consultation for Monday to get my first weeks supply. Only participating pharmacies will do this so you would need to check with them but I thought I would share this with everyone as it is not greatly advertised. I found it on the internet.
  7. Once again my friend that is pure genius!!! Thanks, I will keep you posted...
  8. Hi Buzby, ok just got letter from S C Gray Solicitors in Bromsgrove stating... Papers have been passed to us today , via our client, in respect of the above debt with instructions to issue proceedings for recovery. We must advise you that unless full payment of the above sum is made to these offices by 04/03/09 such action may commence in the appropriate Court for the recovery of: And then there is a list of fees totalling up to £114.23 (Original debt was £34.01). Now I'm slightly worried, should i contact TT again and ask for a written breakdown of the outstanding charge and see what exactly they are or what should i do...
  9. Nice one mate, of course coming from Loyalist Carrickfergus, I wouldn't know anything about intimidation, haha
  10. Dead on, so do I just sit tight now and wait to see what happens then...
  11. Yeah far as I know Visa Debit is covered, you probably should wait and see what paypal does but I think there is a certain time limit imposed on purchases, so for example you may not be able to make a claim after 14 or 28 days??? Which would mean if paypal took longer than this you would have missed the opportunity. But you can ring your card provider and find out? Now if you were to go down this option, you would more than likely have to report the missing TV as theft, get a police incident number and give it to Visa, kinda like making a claim against your insurance. Again I am not talking from experience so am only really surmising what you may have to do?
  12. Next thing, I have just had a phone call from Consumer Credit Services asking to make payment, I told them no because I was in dispute with Talk Talk. They asked me to write a letter to them stating the dispute saying they would take it up with them! As if they were pretending to be on my side??? I agreed just to get rid of them but don't really have any intention, I'm also glad i refused to give them my mobile no. or e-mail address because I reckon I am going to get pestered!
  13. Just a thought but how did you fund your paypal account to make the purchase of the TV? If it was by Visa or Mastercard you maybe protected that way as well? I'm not definate on that but could well be worth a look...
  14. Buzby once again your help is greatly appreciated, pint of the black stuff for ya next time you're in Ulster! So just to clarify then I do nothing until or if I receive a court summons then defend by asking it to be transferred to Belfast? If i do this and it does kill it. Can they still start a fresh action in a NI court?
  15. Hi, I have received a letter from Commercial Credit Sevices over an outstanding debt due to a dispute with TalkTalk. It says the case has been sent to Dudley County Court. Now the thing is I live in Northern Ireland and as far as I can read from this site the CCJ has to be heard in my local court??? What i need to know is if this isn't enforcable as it has been sent to Dudley (English court) or do the proceedings start in England and then heard in Northern Ireland??? If it isn't enforcable what steps do I take next? Please help...
  16. Hi, I have received a letter from Commercial Credit Sevices over an outstanding debt due to a dispute with TalkTalk. It says the case has been sent to Dudley County Court. Now the thing is I live in Northern Ireland and as far as I can read from this site the CCJ has to be heard in my local court??? What i need to know is if this isn't enforcable as it has been sent to Dudley (English court) or do the proceedings start in England and then heard in Northern Ireland??? If it isn't enforcable what steps do I take next? Please help...
  17. Thanks for the reply pinky, so what does this mean for me then? Sorry to be niave but I have no experience of CCJ's at all. Does this mean this is not enforcable if it is registered in Dudley County Court or is that where the proceedings start and then the case is heard in Northern Ireland? please help...
  18. Thanks for your help buzby, even if it wasn't what i wanted to hear! Things have now took a turn for the worst, i have today received a letter from Commercial Credit Sevices notifying me of legal proceedings saying that 'the case has been placed with us for immediate collection via Dudley County Court or appropriate Scottish Court via solicitors.' I'm assuming this is the start of a CCJ but living in Northern Ireland to be honest I have no idea what a CCJ is or why it has been handled by Dudley County Court rather than a Northern Ireland court, is it becasue we don't have county courts in Northern Ireland???
  19. Also one more thing I have been doing a bit of searching on the internet and have read that a CCJ should be registered at my local court, so should i have a letter from a Northern Ireland court rather than an English Court?
  20. Can someone please help me with an outstanding issue I have with Onetel TalkTalk, I got into a dispute with them over money owed and told them i wasn't going to pay them. I will post more details if needs be but what I really need to know about is a letter i received today from Commercial Credit Services notifying me of legal proceedings. It says 'the case has been placed with them for immediate collection via Dudley Crown Court or appropriate Scottish court via solicitors.' I'm assuming that this is the beginning of a County Court judgement or CCJ against me but living in Northern Ireland we do not have County Courts and have never heard of anyone in Northern Ireland receiving a CCJ? I'm just wondering how they go about this if you are a resident of Northern Ireland and who has the durisdiction in Northern Ireland to collect it? Also although I have heard of CCJ's before I really am not sure exactly what a CCJ is or what happens to you if you receive one? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  21. I got a letter on the 6th Feb telling me that they were reducing my overdraft by £500 on the 16th Feb giving me 10 days to find £500 at a time when i need it most!!! Also if I can't repay the unauthorised overdraft they will be charging me a rate of 22.9% until I can repay it!!! Thanks Nationwide!!! I am currently looking for the name and address of whoever is in charge of the Nationwide so I can send them an old shirt and a letter stating that they have just took everything else so they might as well have the shirt off my back and all!!! So if anyone could help me out with would be greatly appreciated!!!
  22. No I'm afraid I didn't for the simple reason that when I was swapping over to sky it said that I didn't need to because sky would inform talk talk themselves so I left it up to them, OOPS!!!
  23. I was a customer of one.tel which then became talk talk up until the 24th November 2008 when i then switched everything over to sky so I have 1 simple monthly payment. Sorry I should say that the 24th November is the date that sky told me their service would be activated from, I had accepted and agreed to switch over to sky from early November. And I have checked and have been billed from sky from the 24th Nov for line rental, which is fine, although today I have had a Final Demand from talk talk stating that if I didn't pay them £30 they would refer me to a debt collection agency. So I rang talk talk to see what the craic was and they told me that although I went to sky on 24th Nov, alledgedly talk talk were still handling my calls until the 8th Dec and therefore I had to pay them for these. I argued that it was not my fault if they could not disconnect me in time, and actually one of the guys I spoke to admitted that it was some other teams fault for telling them late that was the reason why the disconnection was late. I told them that I had played my part and as I was paying sky from the 24th Nov then they can bill sky for my money as I wasn't paying them for it. With my Northern Irish accent sounding rather agressive as it tends to do, I was then passed to the team manager who told me the same thing over again and simply said there was nothing he could do and that if I didn't pay the money it would be passed over to a debt collection agent. I thanked him for wasting my time and phone bill and politely stated that I would see talk talk in court as I was not paying them a bean. So please anyone out there who can help me with this situation, any help at all would be greatly appreciated because I don't even know if I am in the wrong or not? PLEASE HELP????
  24. Cheers Scott, thanks very much for the quick reply... Tell me though does this not lead to many people opening accounts online, running up high balances and then refusing to pay under this clause? Surely it would be a lot more widespread if this was the case, or maybe it is and i have just only found out about it in my innocence, haha?
  25. Hi, this is my first post here so please be patient with me... I have been reading threads on here posted about a year ago to do with Next Directory not having signed Credit Agreements, and under the Credit Consumer Act this makes any debt unenforcable by law. I'm just wondering if anyone knows does this still stand, and if it does, is it true for Northern Ireland as well??? Also if it is true, does this stand for all online credit agreements, for example my mobile which I got over the internet from the carphone warehouse? Surely this can't be true can it?
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