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  1. Barclays now say that they hadn't realised the policy was for life assurance and are looking at it again. It sounds to me as though they may change their mind about mis-selling me the policy now that they realise it might cost them a lot more than the 'gesture of goodwill' they paid me. The claim has even been allocated a new reference number. Not sure if the fact that it was a life assurance policy makes any difference - it was still sold to me apparently as a condition of granting me a mortgage.
  2. Thanks dx. I'll send the agreement and my list of payments made. I will SAR Barclays if I have to but they must have records of payments from my current account and hope that if I challenge their 'goodwill' payment they will think again. I'll let you know.
  3. I have claimed for misselling a Mortgageguard policy that lasted 16 years. The total of premiums alone came to £6743 and with compound interest at 8% I calculate it adds another £10,000 on top. Barclays has paid me £2510 as a goodwill gesture based on their average payout, because, they say they cannot go back so far to check my payments. The policy started in 1995 and ended In 2011. I phoned them and they said that if I have any further evidence, they will re-evaluate the claim. I have the original agreement which I can send, but I would like to know if anyone has come across a bank that claims not to have historical records and therefore cannot calculate the appropriate refund? To me 16 years at £36.45 a month is easy to work out, plus the interest.
  4. This would have been a postal application - everything I did back then was postal. I have no idea now if I received a right to cancel - I don't think so but I can't be sure.
  5. At the bottom above the signature it say "this is a credit agreement". Does it not conform to the requirement of the CCA?
  6. Thanks for coming back Bazooka Boo. I have attached the agreement and letter. I also got a current statement and some general T&C. Mint anon.pdf
  7. Mint have sent me a copy of the original agreement and the T&C. My signature and interest rates etc all there. I owe some £3K but nothing has been paid for well over 2 years. They said in their letter that they have not sold the debt. I thought about making an offer of say about £500 to settle as I am an OAP. What do you advise?
  8. Received letter from Mint. They say "we are able to provide you with a copy of the Credit Agreement etc" Asking me to send £1. The history is that Moorcroft DCA were sent a CCA in 2008 which they eventually sent back together with the £1 PO telling me to write direct to Mint. I did not do that but a few months later intrum justitia started chasing the debt. I wrote to tell them that a CCA request had not been met and they returned the debt to Mint. All was quiet until I checked my CRF and found this still being shown in default. Does the fact that Moorcroft returned tha CCA request mean that there is currently no CCA on this account and that I have to send a new request to Mint? They seem to have abandoned the chase as it has been over 2 years since they last tried and only now say that they can provide the agreement if I apply for it.
  9. Thank you for very helpful advice. I'll be writing to them....
  10. I have just looked at my credit reference files and each one shows a regular monthly update from Mint and an outstanding balance even though they were unable to respond to a CCA request in 2008 and have given up chasing and sending in the DCAs. How do I stand in relation to telling them to remove the notice from my credit reference files if they cannot enforce the alleged debt and have no chance of collecting?
  11. Update. AK have replied to my get lost letter and appear to have thrown in the towel. They say "...we will cease all further collections activity in regards to this matter whilst not in possession of such documents [an enforceable credit agreement]. Thanks again for all your guidance and reassurance.
  12. This was one that MBNA assigned to Thames Credit in 2008. Thames tried and failed to collect after I sent them a SAR and CCA request and they eventually gave up writing. I then started to get letters from Aktiv trying to collect on the same account and that is where we are. I have sent them a get lost letter as they have admitted they have no agreement. Thanks again for all your help and advice FG - I'll let you know when the next instalment arrives!
  13. Thanks for your help and advice both. On another accoutn - Aktiv Kapital have come back to me after picking up an MBNA account that is in dispute. They say "I can confirm that OC is unable to supply the documentation you have requested under the CCA 1974. You have previously acknowledged your debt as payments have been received from xxx to xxx. We do not anticipate issuing proceedings at this time as we believe negotiated settlements of debt are always preferable to legal proceedings. We look forward to your comments." I thought it was unlawful for them to pursue an alleged debt if they cannot produce an enforceable agreement? Do you suggest I respond to maintain the dispute or ignore them. They are adding interest like crazy.
  14. Masterloan repied to my SAR with a copy of the original agreement and a set of statements ending up with the balance that I can agree with - no interest added here, so where does that leave the other statement which did? There were no copies of letters or any other correspondence. I would say that this is definitely an enforceable agreement. I still don't want to make waves though. I have opened another account - no-one would touch me so I got a CardOne Account with prepayment Card so that I have somewhere to put money. CardOne don't deal in Direct Debits so I can't close the other account yet - but I have moved most of the money and have only a minimal balance now. I am tempted to leave the matter alone unless they confirm that they are going to add interest. If they leave it I will continue to pay it off slowly and will be able to make an offer at some stage. I Got into a panic though when I thought they might just help themselves to my savings. Do you agree that I wait and see?
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