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  1. thanks RORY32 also forgot to mention that i also put my mortgage account number on my Subject Access Request i sent on the oct21 yet recieved nothing on that account, when i spoke to abbey the other day(the one i recorded)they told me i will have to send a separate Subject Access Request for my mortgage acount is this true,can you only request one acount with each Subject Access Request request.
  2. sent Subject Access Request off to abbey to claim back my bank charges on 21 oct 2008,recieved letter on 28 oct 2008 showing bank charges on my account from june 2002 and the last 2 years statements. i phoned them up on 5th nov 2008 stating i had not recieved all the info i had requested,i was told that all older statments take longer to process and not to worry i will recieve them before the 40 days passes. 40 days pass so phone up again an ask whats going on,on which point im told that what they have sent out is all they have to send to me, an if i want all my statements i have to
  3. thanks martin3030 for your help so how do i go about cliaming them back do i have to write to them or some other form of contact or should i ask for paper work off them first all new to me this
  4. i know i never asked for it like (ppi) also what about the other charges they have put on my account late payment fee personal accident card protection an also why do i get interest (applied)twice a month or is this the norm with credit cards
  5. hi id like some help on what i can an cannot cliam back on chages from capital one i have all my monthly statement an looking through them i have noticed payment protection ins(this every month) interest (applied)( this twice a month) late payment fee charged (this a only a couple of times over the years) personal accident (a few times) card protection(once a year) i would be gratefull for any help
  6. replacement windows & doors £1060.00 less deposit £60.00 amount of credit for goods/ services £1000.00 protected paynent premium £144.97 total loan facility £1144.97 monthly rate of interest(variable in the event of change in FNB base lending rate -see condition 4 overleaf) 1.99% APR (no account of any variation of the rate or of the amount of interest payable has taken place 28.5% anticipated number of monthly repayments 120 minimum monthly repayment £25.15 started on 25 may 2001 paying £25.15 till may 2006 then went down to £23 a m
  7. i only pay £23 a month so 12 x 23 = 276 what would i be able to cliam back if i went for miss sold would it just be the ppi payments of about £2 a month for the 5 years it run which would 2 x 60 = 120 or is there other things to cliam also is there nothing i can cliam about not being told about there not being no critical illness cover just sickness cover for a year
  8. windows off (safe style) loan off (ge money) insurance (cardif pinnicale) sorry to sound thick but what should i be asking who i must admit they all seem to pass the buck when i speak to them on the phone
  9. thanks ill see what happens over the next week or so, see if i get a letter or e-mail if not not sure how im going to get in touch with them. something tells me they are going out of bussiness hope not cos ill have to get it repaird by someone else an cost me money
  10. bought a computer from www.computersupermarket.com on 14th december 2007 been running great untill 2 weeks ago when it went bang so wont even turn on totally dead anyway try going on there web site to get contact number when i do it says its under reconstruction but has an e-mail contact so sent an e-mail last week still no reply tried phone number i found on recipt of product just doesnt ring at all has if it doesnt work no more sent letter also 10 days ago no reply yet ( i no that could still take longer an reply may be on its way) but want to no if anyone has heard or had any dealing
  11. phoned pinnacle up asked why the siad in the letter they cant find me on there system yet they have bank detail of me the girl says she cant understand it either an that she also cant find me on her system,i ask if she can put me through to that department that deals with it,she says she cant there is no number for that department so i asked to speak to someone higher up than her she says she cant but can put me through to there compliants department. guy at the compliants department ask what the problem is an what was the policy for told him it was for windows an that i was going to cl
  12. got a letter back off pinnacle today monday 13 oct 2008 10th october 2008 my name my address ref client (my name ) sort code __-__-__ account number ________ (both sort code an account number are not my present numbers they could be my account numbers at time of loan taken out in 2001 tho ill have try an find out about that) dear sir/madam please find attached a cheque recently sent to us by your above named customer. unfortunatley, i am unable to locate a policy for this customer.i would therefore be grateful if you would return the cheque to the cust
  13. thanks for all the help everyone ill keep you all updated when i hear from them this site is boss i would like to say (in my scouse accent outloud around the house) thanks again
  14. :grin: A cagger after my own heart:grin: It twould be interesting to see it, do you know where to find the template letter can you send a link please cant find it im thick i no an shou;d i send a cca to pinnicale also or just ge money for now sent s.a.r to both yesterday
  15. the loan was for windows off safestyle so would you say it was safestyle who miss sold me it ill S.A.R. ge money an pinnicale should i ask for a CCA off ge money also
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