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  1. Hi all.. This might be a very straightforward question but how does one know if they have been sold a single premium policy.. Would it be clear to someone or would they have to do a SAR to find out if they have a single premium and are single premiums often predominately used by the sub prime lenders.. thanks Antz
  2. any Views on this ....... very interested in everything that is happening as we see the pressure growing on the lenders...
  3. ye thanks I have adapted the letters throughout my case with Barclaycard... anything you think I can add to the second letter of 42mans or do you think It contains everything I need just seeing what you think as you have helped me throughout my time on CAG.. thanks as always ...
  4. thanks slick, I must admit I prefer 42man's first letter it has some very good content... Will get that in the post with my alterations (if you think any are needed) ` ASAP
  5. apologise my "A" DECIDED not to work
  6. thanks Mrtin, reason being.... I thought and have been told by friends before that the bad credit loan companies often push PPI very hard on customers and was therefore seeing if they will be hardest hit...but as I have seen in the news many major lenders have been fined including egg so It looks like they have all been at it. With the companies being fined by the FSA and being told to pay compensation to the customers as in the case of egg, do you think people will still be claiming themselves following the steps we take on this website to reclaim ppi or will egg try to pay a lower amount by admitting wrong doing any pay a smaller amount as they said they will contact customers directly. In summary my question is, with the FSA finding companies guilty will this put an end to individual claims cases as the lenders look to pay smaller penalties by contacting customers directly..just a thought ..
  7. 42man, which letter the first one you wrote or the second ? slick any advice ? thanks as always
  8. Hi Guys, A friend asked me a question today and I didnt know the answer... so I thought who would know obviously someone on CAG haha.. The whole situation of CCA's not being worth the paper they have been written on and PPI being misold.... The question was are the sub prime loan and mortage companies going to be the biggest culprits as they are known to hard sell PPI and people are often desperate as they can not get credit anywhere else... I know of cases on here where people talk about the Kensington and I know they are a sub prime lender.. Just seeing if we will see more cases against sub prime lenders being won or not... Any views??? Since my case with barclaycard I have taken an interest in all matters related to consumer credit ..
  9. 42man, your second letter is very similar to that Slick prepared for me in post 55 after them sending me terms and conditions the first time... So do you feel I should send the letter again as they are obviously not understanding me or wanting to. What do you believe I should do in your opinion. thanks
  10. Sorry 42man to clear up any misunderstanding my details were computer typed but I just thought it was odd on the barclaycard conditions page
  11. Thank you to both 42man and steven .. I like the look of the letter 42man I will personalise it and get it off ASAP so they can have a nice pre xmas present from me..... Do either of you know why they would put both the name of barclaycard and my name and address as in a contract arrangement between us on the barclaycard conditions page ???? And also why in the cover page they would state they are including a copy of my agreement and then do not produce one. As I have mentioned earlier this letter and contents I received was exactly what I was sent a few months ago so they did not listen to my second request for a copy of my CCA.. ALL CAN BE VIEWED IN EARLIER POSTS Thanks to all
  12. Thanks slick .. yes this looks like the case as they can not supply me with a CCA so how can they process my data.. Will it be possible to have one of the guys stop by and have a look at what they sent me as you usually ask in cases that I have read. What annoys me is two things : how they send exactly the same letter twice with same info from the same person when I said the first letter was not a copy of my CCA. And how on the barclaycard conditions page which is my second link above they have put my name and address at the top of the letter (which I have obv blanked out) to try and show that is a copy of my agreement when it is just conditions.
  13. Think this is the way to do it not great with computers thanks
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