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  1. Thanks my dad has told the story and kept them updated on what happened after the accident. he was trying to convince them to take the issue to court but they do not seem likely. Could we take them to court for the excess. I also wonder what will happen to his no claims if it will go against him
  2. My dad had a accident where he was driving down his road and a parked car opened the door. The open door caught my dads mirror and scraped the door as well. The person was on their own at the time and said they was sorry. Later my dad called the insurance and then later that evening the person as they was only a few doors down offered to settle up out of insurance admitting it was their fault. dad said it was too late as the car was due to be picked up. now some time later the story has changed. he cant get his access back because there is now a witness to say the door was open and dad hit the car door. the insurance company do not want to go to court over the matter as they say it is too expensive to carry it forward. is there anything i can do to help dad? thanks
  3. I would put a post up on a nissan site. It sounds as though you know theissue. the ecu and transpoder has not linked with each other. therefore it will not start. there is a correct procedure for electronics and you need to make sure you have followed this. there are companies that will repair the old ecu. have you done a search on google for this? regards vinnychoff
  4. thanks for all your replys and i feel the same about the kit. there is a space for the tyre if supplied but this was not mentioned by the car dealer...that is the only part i see i can help d to go back to the dealer...although our last visit together the salesmand was not very helpful...
  5. my friend d nearing retirement has been visiting a jaguar showroom and bought a xf which was a factory order saving over 4k on the list price. after collecting the car and discussing he realised the car did not come with a spare tyre. there is some glue and a compressor but it seems when this is used most tyre firms will throw away the tyre (£250) i did some research and there seems to be quite a few others that are unhappy with the spare tyre situation but i have seen some happy customers helped by the dealer or jaguar. we went to the dealers and spoke to the sales man. i did not see that he wanted to help. he mentioned that if ordered new it could have been added on for £135 but as d had bought a cancelled order this was not possible. he suggested a tyre saver kit could be bought but this was £400 now. he was not very helpful and only when i suggested on the net others had been helped out by jaguar he suggested this route.... i sent a mail to jaguar but was told the contract is with d and the dealer.... could you help me where i stand in law to advise d with the dealer.. i hope that explains the story so far.... thanks
  6. i do not think they will admit liabilty. phoned the insurance and they are not helpful...
  7. I was unlucky to have a accident on my bike back in August. The private cab in front swerved and hit my bike. I managed to brake but fell over and with all the damaged parts was paid out as fully comp minus my excess. five hundred pounds. At the time he was trying to deny liabilty aswell. Do i chase my broker for the excess or the insurance company? My clothing was damaged my trousers (cost £280) plus boots scuffed £130. How can i claim for my clothing? should i use a no win no claim? thanks Vinny
  8. the company is tnc collectrions cerberuslet tried to go to the letter but it takes me to the forum. could you give the specific letter or another link. thanks
  9. my daughter has received a letter asking for payment from a debt company asking for money that she does not know anything about.... could you help and advise? thanks
  10. craigwalton thanks for your help and letter. I did not feel confident to draft a letter and carried out another search and found www.legalcomplaints.org.uk they say that they do not charge and will deal with my complaint with the solicitors. i have sent some emails that acknowledge fault and wait for them to respond. thanks again for your help and advice
  11. do you have a rough draft of a letter to them? do i have to quote any legal terms? i guess if i am dealing direct with solicitors i will have to quote? thanks
  12. i am afraid that the ombudsman could not help me..... if i explain that the car was covered third party fire and theft, the insurance company put me in touch with solicitors who acted on my behalf to claim the amount for the car. they have suggested i ask the law society to be involved. i have found this link. LCS: contact us is there any other suggestions?
  13. Thanks for all your help and comments. It helps on my perspective of how the law can start great discussions. Could I ask how long should it be before I receive any court notification or what is the next step as I have not had any response. Is there a maximum time for response? Is it in the hands of the cps? thanks
  14. Hi hope someone can help or put me on the right track. 2 years ago my car was written off on the drive of my house. The insurance company claimed off the owner of the car who paid out even though the car was stolen and the police blocked the road so he tried to get away on the kerb hitting a tree and my car... Now in May (two years later) I was finally paid out for the car but a mistake was made by the ins company handling my claim. This amount was 2k when the car was valued at 3.5k. The ins company kept saying they are chasing the balance only now when i send emails they are not returned or call and receive no calls back. the handler saying to contact her manager who will help. this has been since may and now i fell it is falling apart. Could you tell me who i can complain to ? or what are my rights? thanks Vinny
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