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  1. My advice to others out there is ask what department the people your talking to work for, most were just customer service advisors and when I put foot down and said my problem is with council tax department so wished to speak direct to them not just have my calls relayed things happened. plus will cut down saying same thing about ten times. only other thing my wife pointed out about what i said was that I made it clear that all i wanted to do today was make what the law would see as a reasonable offer for sorting debt out and that they knew prior to the bailiffs next visit that I would co
  2. he found it on file that i made an offer to pay off debt in january to pay but they turned it down, told him ok if it went to court and i faced prison for this and told judge look offered to pay they refused TWICE think he would just laugh at you, the guy said would never have come to that anyway but he could have. well once do have it in black and white that has been pulled then i will complain about the way it was dealt with. did take the name (christian only they never give full name) of everyone i dealt with and what was said. not so sure it will do anything but should just name and shame
  3. am sat here in shock, did tell the guy i wanted it in letter form that they were doing it, did feel tempted to ask him what changed his mind but thought better of it.
  4. Just has call back from the assistant manager at local council. he was still refusing to call the debt back so i asked if he was prepared to send me a letter detailing that he understands my health issues and that i also have 3 year old son here he said that he was, I said good then i will have proof before the bailiff comes friday that you their employer know also that I am in ill health that would fall into" National Standards for Enforcement Agents of “vulnerable situations”. " so therefore as they are refusing to pull back the debt and collect it from my benefits they would be sending ross
  5. council back on phone to me now, they confirm not willing to return debt from bailiff and "yes you will get further feesadded to the debt, even if you are ill we only have your word it is causing you any stress that may be effecting your health the fact is council tax department will not recall this from the bailiff even though your on income support as you have made no payment since April" they refuse to say what will be gained for them by leaving it with bailiff instead of recalling it and start deducting it from benefits
  6. seems silly that I have informed the local council that I am in recipt of income support and would like for them to take the money from their direct that they are insisting on ignoring this way of claiming the money just to allow the bailiff fees to grow thus putting me into more debt. not counting the stress on my health this is causing.
  7. am on phone to them now and saying will not return debt as I did not contact them between April and now they insist debt stays with bailiff. my medical condition or the fact that they can reclaim it from my benefit do not matter it is all to do with no payment and no contact to them since April, fact that have been preocupied with health issues does not matter they said.
  8. I have a debt with my local council for £473.51 started running a business and it was running at a loss and collapsed and may end up being made bankrupt due to it. once the council started getting onto me about the debt i contacted them filled in a profit loss sheet and was awarded full benefits from then due to low earnings however they refused to accept an offer to clear debt. now have a spinal problem and am on income support with a claim for disability living allowance outstanding. live here with my wife and 3 year old son. rossendales having visited twice now state I owe £667.01 and this
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