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  1. ihave been receiving hassle from these guys i have had the phone slammed down on me and been cut off as been told speak to the balif we aint listening no more i received aletter telling balifs are coming with a removal van to collect my stuff for aution if it is insuffiant to cover bill i wiill then be committed to prison can this happen what to do
  2. does anyone have a sar template need to send to moorcroft and halifax cheers
  3. about 2 grand its al arip off and i did not realise
  4. i have had aletter from balifs but with moorcroft logo on it i have had my defaulted loan passed from halfax to them i only missed 1 payment on arrears i owe about 2 grand i was paying back 50 a month standing order after halifax took me to court about 8 years ago ihave been paying since than but missed payment in dec so now moorcroft want me to pay 400 a month i said it was not possible so they changed it to 50 a week or will send balifs to take stuff or force me to sell as they can claim interest in my house also stated no payment as been made on account since 2005 so have added a grand to b
  5. cheers newbie managed to get message across maybe get some help to get balifs of me back
  6. i owne 350 and i have not signed anything as i spoke to balif on phone and refused to let him in
  7. can balifs come into your home when aT WORK balif from equita states then they can gin entry into my home and take my stuff when i am not there as it belongs to a freind i am worried i paid 20 pound aweek of arrears to them but missed a few now they have sent in balifs no negotiations just pay or we take simple as that rude and abrupt whemn phoned or jjust cut me off.
  8. hi newbie how do i start new thread
  9. moorcroft threatened loss of home and balifs if i did not pay 50 a week only payin 50 a month to halifax missed a payment straight to moorcroft and major harrassment and dont go there with equita missed a payment now got balifs on doorstop dart go to work as there sid there could just come in and get me stuff
  10. same happened to me i am one of the older bank charge cases abbey have removed all overdraft facilities from my account to and are being really award with me i hope it goes throu then they can kma
  11. hi im dee moorcroft have added a extra grand to my bill after i defaulted on payments to halifax spoke to halifax no help now moorcroft have threatended balifs if i dont pay 350 a month iwas only paying 50 amonth and missed two payments i dont know what to do
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