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  1. Did you send copies of the agreements showing that there WAS PPI added to the loans ?
  2. I don't think there are any time limits, for you to issue claim in the County Court, how long were you outside of the FOS time limit (which is 6 months from the final response from the company) ?
  3. Alan Johnson stood by looking as though he was prepared to jump in if Corbyn didn't stick to script !
  4. He didn't look too comfortable though did he, Ford ? I rather suspect he is worried about something he has said about Europe in the past coming back to haunt him ? Did you notice those manning the "IN" campaign phones are those with the most to lose if we exit.. The Kinnock family for instance
  5. Well the blurb on their web site says it is 100% UK Legal, one assumes it is up to the point that you use it on someone who then brings a claim against you for damaging their clothes!
  6. I thought this was a brilliant idea and have just popped ours into the letter box
  7. And Barak Obama will be coming to London to reinforce the dire problems we will bring upon ourselves if we leave ? Erm, do we send emissaries to the USA to tell them how to vote on critical issues ?
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/usercp.php I don't know whether you will see the same ad or not, Silverfox.. but the link above was taken from the page it was on.
  9. As for Ford's query re the apparent increase in Autism. There are 2 schools of thought on this. 1. that there is an increased awareness and more thorough diagnostic systems available. http://autism.about.com/od/causesofautism/p/ontherise.htm and 2 that there has been a significant increase in autism since the increase in the number of vaccines given routinely to children since the 1990's https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-increase-in-autism-diagnoses-two-hypotheses/
  10. Having reread the original post, this was about a child throwing a tantrum in a major store. It was about the fact that instead of making a complaint to the store itself the Mother rushed off to the Newspaper to claim she was being made to feel like she was a rubbish Mother. It is quite interesting that there was a rush to defend her and the child by scores of parents who have autistic children. Now, if this had been me or any of those with autistic children, would you not have then let the press know about this very important fact and the reason why your child was not throwing a tantrum in the sense of the word.. but having an autistic episode ? This would not only have made John Lewis feel thoroughly ashamed but have brought some kind of tolerance to those future children who had one of these in public and a whole heap of awareness about the problem? She didn't, therefore one can pretty much assume that this was just a self interest issue for the Mother with a child who was thoroughly fed up with her Mum dragging her round stores and absolutely nothing to do with having an autistic child !
  11. Using a desktop dx.. the one you have been keeping in working order Silverfox - when I log on it is one of the first items I see.
  12. I dont know whether to be annoyed or feel sorry for this company. Every time I log in I see the same message. "Congratulations you are our 1.000.000th visitor". However, this same message has been shown for the last 5 days !! So, have they not had any more visitors ?
  13. Meanwhile, Local Authorities will continue to fine you if you put the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin !
  14. This is quite shameful - I dont understand why it cant work efficiently.
  15. I would have been so grateful for that offer, I can think of nothing more embarrassing than a child throwing a tantrum, no matter what the reason.
  16. http://www.myitchydog.co.uk/harvestmites.html Interesting article on Harvest Mite spiders http://www.lintbells.com/articles/harvest-mites-in-dogs-and-cats#.VwjCn2b2ZZU It would appear there is no effective treatment produced in the UK http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Spider-Mites This one uses natural remedies to get rid of spider mites, but would appear to be just for plants !
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