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  1. Did you send copies of the agreements showing that there WAS PPI added to the loans ?
  2. I don't think there are any time limits, for you to issue claim in the County Court, how long were you outside of the FOS time limit (which is 6 months from the final response from the company) ?
  3. Alan Johnson stood by looking as though he was prepared to jump in if Corbyn didn't stick to script !
  4. He didn't look too comfortable though did he, Ford ? I rather suspect he is worried about something he has said about Europe in the past coming back to haunt him ? Did you notice those manning the "IN" campaign phones are those with the most to lose if we exit.. The Kinnock family for instance
  5. Well the blurb on their web site says it is 100% UK Legal, one assumes it is up to the point that you use it on someone who then brings a claim against you for damaging their clothes!
  6. I thought this was a brilliant idea and have just popped ours into the letter box
  7. And Barak Obama will be coming to London to reinforce the dire problems we will bring upon ourselves if we leave ? Erm, do we send emissaries to the USA to tell them how to vote on critical issues ?
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/usercp.php I don't know whether you will see the same ad or not, Silverfox.. but the link above was taken from the page it was on.
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