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  1. no rollover on this one. it was a relatively small standalone one have added it in though, on other claim where appropriate.
  2. good evening DX, they're basically giving back all payments that were made along with 8% interest on each payment. the total amount is about £10 shy of the figure which the statins spreadsheet gave us. Is what is happening behind the scenes likely to negatively or positively impact future hfc claims? got to admit you've got me intrigued now.
  3. Wow, just got a letter from HFC that they are upholding the complaint and repaying the full amount that i claimed for. This is the claim from a loan from 2002. As it turned out, I couldn't find any statements with what they wanted on it so i guess it wasn't that important. Partner has said that there is a donation on the way as soon as the payment is in her account and would like to thank everyone, and especially DX100UK, for their invaluable help and advice. Got fingers crossed now that it will be this simple for all the other reclaims. Many thanks to all.
  4. the person i spoke to at fos did give an inadvertant sigh when i said it was hfc. i imagine that they are getting sick of hearing about them.
  5. hi DX, just got off the phone with the FOS. they advised me that i should provide as much information as i can and am asked for. However the onus for supplying records is generally with the business. If i am unable to provide the info and the claim is rejected on this basis and i were to complain to the fos then they may view this as an unfair reason. So essentially i should give them whatever they ask for (if i can ) and see what hfc come back with. Looks like i'll be going through old records this weekend. Thanks for the quick reply on this.
  6. evening all, i've received a letter from hfc today regarding the earliest claim we've made for a loan dating from 2002. although i provided them with a copy of the agreement they say that they need copies of bank statements showing that the payments were made to them. should i send them edited copies or is there a standard answer i should give them?
  7. thats a good one. i'm still waiting for the sar, when i get it and am able to make a reclaim should i write them something similar and give them a chance to correct their error or, as they say, take it directly to fos, even though they haven't actually received a complaint from me? also if they continue to show their incompetence would this stand me in good stead if i were to take it through the courts rather than fos?
  8. hi, here is the letter that we received: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40978[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40977[/ATTACH]
  9. hi DX100uk, will post it up when i get in from work tomorrow.
  10. hi all. an update on the above. have sent the failure to comply and haven't heard anything yet. Still waiting for the SAR but they are still within the time limit. Also sent a letter cancelling the ppi. Meanwhile my partner received her monthly statement and called them to query why her payment has gone up whilst the balance is going down. to which they replied that there was a problem with the way her interest was calculated and they would investigate and write to her. whilst on the phone she also queried whether the ppi had been cancelled as per her letter, the person replied that they would do that and asked if she was making a claim to which my partner said "it's already in hand" or words to that effect. but did not say categorically that she was. today she received a lengthy letter saying that marbles would not be upholding her complaint ( she hasn't complained about a refund yet - we're still waiting for a sar) because although it was so long ago they don't have a copy of her online application and agreement, they know that she (apparently) asked for the cover and when sent the agreement she didn't change the ppi option to "no" in the ppi section therefore she did ask for it. they go on to say that the policy is still in force on the account and do not understand why they haven't been contacted sooner to have it cancelled. ( yes they have ) they then end the letter with this is our final response and if not happy please take it to FOS. seems a bit pre-emptive to me- refusing reclaims before an actual complaint is made. where would this leave us when we do make a complaint?
  11. haven't sent the failure to comply letter yet, wanted to check advice. she wants to pay back what she owes on the card, however i believe that the ppi reclaim will clear a significant amount, if not all of it. won't know for sure tho until the sar arrives. when working this one out i use the cisheet don't i? not the statint.
  12. yep thats the one. do i follow up the failed cca request with anything or just leave it as they haven't got it? where would that leave the ppi reclaim if they were to say that she requested it but can't prove it without the agreement. she's adamant that she never asked for it and only realised that she didn't have to have it when we looked into a hfc reclaim.
  13. she's paying the monthly payments to marbles, they are showing on letters as being a name of progressive finance/aviemore.
  14. sorry, didn't mention it earlier as it has only just dawned on me....the card was taken out when my partner lived in Scotland. does this have any bearing?
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