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  1. A car Ive just done a credit chec on myself and the problem appears to be that im not active enough with credit and need more credit cards... So i just applied for a couple. I thin im too low risk :-s
  2. I called the Nationwide, they said it was because of my late credit card payments... Being a lazy git, ive often missed the payment by a few days, but I always pay the amount off in one go... So seems a bit stringent on their part. I spoke to the guy at NAtionwide about this and he said it was reasonable to assume that i'm being penalised for all the loans that had been given previously to any tom-dick or harry. They are tightening their belts. This is going to have a huge effect on the economy if its happening accross the board.
  3. The cash is for a mortgage deposit, the way things are panning out, i'll need 50%
  4. Hi, wonder if anyone can shed some light on why i have had a small loan refused. I have just tried to take a 7k loan from the nationwide, via their online banking. As soon as i hit submit on the final form, i was told on the next page that the loan was refused. I have savings that can cover loan several times over, my salary is quite good and i have never had a dept problem. Can anyone shed any light on why this may of happened?
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