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  1. "It's academic now from the OP's point of view, but the best way to deal with these sorts of situations is to use various types of trust. It is possible, with planning, to preserve means tested benefit entitlement while still using the money for the benefit of the claimant." I do know of someone with money in a trust fund of sorts, what it is I don't know, but they still get means tested benefits like income support. They can access it too but would then have to declare it to Dhss. And lose money. This is all legal. Any idea what trust this might be as a friend of mine had a solicitor who
  2. So I ask them first about the car.
  3. So if she gives me one cheque for 5,500 made out to me and the rest in a cheque for a garage I could buy a car?
  4. How long does money have to sit in a bank acc to be considered saved?
  5. My sister is prepared to retain it in the executors account as she maintains no one can force me to accept my inheritance.
  6. but... I cannot have peace of mind that way.
  7. I do not want to spend it on anything really but it looks like Im going to be penalized for my mums Will.
  8. I will soon be being left money from a Will to the sum of 11 thousand. What can I spend it on and still keep some so it does not affect Income Support?
  9. Someone please show me how i start a new thread in this forum.
  10. Robinson way keep writing. I have not paid since in dispute and judging from the beginning of this thread six years have passed. If this is now Stat Barred can someone point the way to the letter please?
  11. You need to start a new thread to follow it up. x
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