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  1. Hi Citizenb, I guess if the bottom line is that they have not provided a valid agreement, you should do as you say. Write to the solicitor and outline the situation and leave it at that. Again, just guessing but you are within your rights to stop making payments until the original agreement is provided. As we all know the letters are normally standard responses designed to unnerve and frighten us. I would rspond with short sharp statements addressing each issue and basically tell em to do their worst. As long as you have your case laid out carefully I doubt they will have a leg to stand on and that ultimately a) they won't persue and b) if they do they will come off far worse than you! Best of luck, Sparkles
  2. Hi, I agree with Pinky, only I would hit any who are pestering, loads of letters / telephone calls etc with the harrissment template letter as well. It worked for me, with one DCA not with the other, but should any of this get escalated, then a harrassment audit trail may be useful bargaining material... All the best, I hope none have agreements! Sparkles
  3. Thanks guys, I'm gutted! I was looking forward to telling them where to go. I am amazed that prescribed terms can be so wooly! "Your credit limit will be somewhere between £500 and £2,500" "We may at our descretion change the rate of interest..." Aaagh. On my other card it is looking like Crap1 have doubled the interest rate since 2005...and I didn't even realise. My ex has been paying it off...as HE spent it! Only he just realised it is in MY name... Oh well se la vie. Thanks again everyone... Sparkles
  4. Hi Dave, You were right, I needed to know which bits on that agreement just to be sure. Now that really IS bad news. It has taken a month to work out how to get these vultures off my back...and they come up with a valid agreement!!! Just my luck, B***ards! Anyway. Thank you for taking time to help. I really appreciate it. At least I know now. Forewarned is forearmed! Sparkles
  5. Hi Fred, Your PC ois playing tricks, the second page of the 2 page document is the "Application" or credit agreement... Not sure which.
  6. Thanks Dave, Bad news of course, but thanks for the second opinion. Can you tell me exactly where the prescribed terms are? I have another here from Crap1 and need to interpret. Thanks again. Sparkles
  7. Sorry Dave do you mean the credit application or the credit agreement. The first was siogned by me, but I am not sure if it has prescribed terms. The Agreement (second 8 pager) was written this week and not signed by either of us? Is it the first that you think is enforceable...?
  8. Hi Fred, I erased all personal info, but only names, serial numbers, finance figures etc. Otherwise thats it. The secon I have literally only taken my present name and address off... Thanks for looking, much appreciated. Sparkles
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/151758-about-kick-off-halifax.html#post1619982 Would someone mind checking out a BOS credit agreement / application form for me. It has me a bit confused!! Sparkles
  10. BOS CCA Reply.pdf BOS CCA Reply 1.pdf I am guessing that the first document is an application form and the second an unsigned credit agreement drawn up in the last few days. It is addressed to my present address which I have only lived at for a few months!! Could anyone point me towards a definitive thread that demonstrates that we can stop paying if there is no Credit Agreement? Thanks all... Sparkles x
  11. Hi, I received a reply to my CCA request from BOS today. It "looks" like a properly executed agreement but I would value a second opinion! I will post up in a minute...it is a bit long!! Sparkles
  12. Any comments from the moderators? Sparkles
  13. Sent 3 letters to halifax regarding harassement. Thay have replied stating that they are really sorry for any inconvenience and have stopped all calls for the next 4 weeks. I have received 3-5 calls per day since then.
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