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  1. OK, my case against Barclaycard had been heard at the small track, but it seems that Barclayscard have charged over 14 months interest at 40.8% which has left an amount as debt in to my account of L233., and they are still charge interest upon an amount which is interest, is it legal for them to do that? Also, the judge at the hearing asked me to send the calculations for my cost, Barclaycard offered to refund me only 160 and interest at 8%, less for the outstanding amount in my account which is a fa...my costs are for L970 pounds which they refuse to pay, however the money is not important a
  2. Please Remove The Threads For 159 User 159
  3. You are asking me for proof of concept at what context? I do not understand the question, I am sorry!! Could you please be more specific? I believe that I have written the response of Barklays concerning a notice of issue at the County court, and asked for L600 pounds expenses to be paid, that is all, however, I understand that the court had certain powers to direct them to return my statous of the default they have imposed on my account, and also, because of different request I have made to them which have been ignored to possibly award a compensation? In the harassment issue? Please ad
  4. also since then on the 31st of May i send them a letter asking for a credit agreement,which i have never received a response. June 23rd, Im send them a letter because of the quantity of calls received for the past 6 weeks including the week-ends, Like today Mercers phoned me and told me they wish to speak to me, I had send a letter to them and copies of the court action 8 days ago, but i still get calls.24th June I requested a comprehensive list of charges that have been made in my account for the past 6 years.
  5. I believe that i filed on negligence and mismanagment of account, and ask for L600 pounds expences to be paid.
  6. I filed to the court but i do not have a copy of the particulars, i will go to court Monday and ask for a ccopy, should the court have send me a copy of this?
  7. This is their response to my claim:1. Barclaycard is a trading division of Barclays bank PLC and not a legal entity in its own right. 2. The particulars of the claim are summary and do not provide details of the account held with the defendant. Accordingly, this defence is summary in nature and the Defendant reserves the right to amend this Statement of Case in due course. 3. It is admitted that the Clasimant has previously received a refund of L208.00 from the Defendant on 26 February 2008 for alledged "default" charges applied to her account 4. It is admitted that the Claim
  8. Before District Judge Pelly sitting at Cambridge Court, 197 East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1BA. IT IS ORDERED THAT: 1) the claimant do by 9 july file and serve particulars of Claim in compliance of CPR 16.4 2) In default the claim shall be struck out. Date 23 June 2008. Note: Any person affected by this order may apply to the court to vary, stay or set it aside, Any such application must be made within 7 days or service of this order upon them. I will add that this Form of Judgment or order arrived in my house today from cambridge which is only 27 miles away. That m
  9. Please help to answer the county court order for the above statment, I need a response to be filed by 9th July? Read thread 159user for the particulars of the case in order to be able to advice. Thanks
  10. yes they have, today I received a letter from the court giving me til 9th July to serve the partivulars of claim in compliance with CPR 16.4? 3) In daufaoult the claim shall be truck out (is that if they do not receive the above? Please advice of this message from the court today!
  11. Mr. Browne what else do you need for a response to my situation?
  12. if you need to know more about their response let me know i will put it through if you like, it is lengthy though.
  13. any help you can provide will be appreciated,
  14. yes they have. However, and it goes like this. The particulars are summery and do not provide details of the account held with the defendant. Accordingly, this defence is summary in nature and the defendant reserves the right to amend this stament of case in due course. 3. It is admitted that the claimant has previously received a refund of 208.00 pounds from the defendant on 26/02/08 for alledged 'defaault" charges applied to her account. 4. To the extent it is alleged that the claimant (that is me of course) has incurred additional charges on her account for unauthorised borrowi
  15. can someone directly to do the proper steps legally concerning my case against Barclays bank please. I have requested acredit agreement, but i did not know that i had to pay, and they are late by 2 weeks, could they disputed on grounds of payment?
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