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  1. Here's a warning to anyone thinking of taking out a policy with this company..... I trawled the Internet in 2011 and found the 'best pet insurance' to be VetsMediCover with plenty of positive feedback. The company advertised pet insurance policies on the basis of 'One Pet, One Price' and for dogs, was not breed or age related other than the dog had to be under 8 years old at the started of the policy. There was one price for small dogs and another for large dogs and this was the reason why I chsoe the company to insure my dog. I took out a 'lifelong' policy for my dog at £252
  2. Yes please and thank you. Hope this helps others.
  3. Just to put this one to bed...... True to his word, the manager Michael called me to arrange the car to be returned. He seemed genuinely concerned. I was refunded the fee for the work that was not requested i.e. the tracking and also the cost of two unspecified 'consumables' which showed on the invoice. Only the brake pipes to three of the wheels had been changed with the fourth showing as an advisory item on the new MOT. This remaining sectioned was replaced free of charge, but the 'advisory' item could not be removed from MOT as I was told it was a VOSA issue. The situatio
  4. This morning, I was pleased to receive a call from Michael, the usual call centre manager, who said he wants to retain me as a customer and has offered to rectify a situation which was not his fault. He has offered to refund the amount charged for tracking which was not requested or authorised and the amount for the unspecified items listed as Brake Consumables on the invoice. He has offered to replace the remaining corroded piece of pipe at no charge. He explained that the £350 charge on the invoice was for 5 x pieces of replacement brake pipe at £70 each. Ok, to me this seems
  5. No, when you book a combine MOT and service online, you pay for this in advance. The prices are pretty good with a good discount - £35 for the MOT and £105 for the service. The optional brake fluid change adds another £30 to the bill so you will pay a total of £170 in total and nothing more assuming your car passes the MOT with no problems. If it fails or you request extra work, then this is added to the invoice when you collect the car. Problem is the invoice is vague and misleading; some how they arrived at the total of £350.00 (exactly !) for brake pipe. I think the flexible hoses were
  6. Ok, I'm waitng for a reply from Kwik Fit having completed the customer satisfaction form as a complaint and calling the head office this morning to back up my complaint. The latter was totally disinterested, and the lady simply said that the matter would be passed to the Area Manager responsible for the Farnborough centre. It would be unfair for me to comment further until I get a response from him. I'm hoping that this was just a rogue manager standing in for the usual guy. The problem for him now is that the stand-in manager has damaged the good reputation of that centre in my opi
  7. Sorry... didn't realise that pdf was valid...... Done.
  8. They could coil the pipe round and round underneath the car for 20-30 times and still not use up that much pipe.....
  9. The worst part is that the work on my car over many years has been great and I've shown loyalty by going back. There is normal manager 'Michael' has *always* been absolutely brilliant... 100% genuine and honest in every respect. I've never had this problem before. It was his day off yesterday so there was a new manager instead.
  10. I have always used the Farnborough centre for a combined service and MOT and have always been happy in previous years as the regular manager Michael is one of the best in that business in my opinion. On this particular day however, he had a day off and was not around. Around mid-morning, I received a call from the centre informing me that one of the brake pipes had burst during the MOT test and would need to be replaced. I was also told that some of the other brake pipes were corroded and needed replacing. I had no issue with us other than the figure quoted was £550 which seemed to be exc
  11. Hi Folks, I joined the forum to learn a bit about reclaiming bank charges. My disabled wife recently made a mistake and got an account number wrong resulting in an unpaid direct debit. The bank has told her they will charge a fee for the letter they sent out, a fee for the failed DD and another for having an unauthorised overdraft (even though they didn't pay the DD). Disgusting or what, for someone dependent on disability living allowance? This particular bank also has a special number for disabled customers, but although the number is unobtainable, the call centre contin
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