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  1. Sparkie, I haven't had much chance to follow your thread as much over the last few weeks but after catching up just now, I have to tell you I am seriously impressed with your grit and determination to follow through with this case. I admit I would have given up by now! I hope your meeting goes well with the mp's and merry christmas. SCL X
  2. ah right, thanks for clearing that one up for me. so they are knee high in deep doo-doo now arent they x
  3. sorry sparkie, this might sound like a really dumb question, but i just read the letter above (very impressive by the way) and am i right in thinki, thngat cobbetts passed on your personal information to a third party? isnt that illegal? arent they supposed to ask you for your consent before doing that? x
  4. iv not received any letter from rbs OR allied, i am expecting one from allied, with the usual ur overdraft has been passed to us and we are collectin on behalf of rbs...please contact us to pay in full or make arrangements...as per status quo. il have to wait n see what letter says i guess! X
  5. i phoned the royal bank of scotland this morning and spoke to a nice lady who gave me my account number and sort code details even though i couldnt verify my account without a card number. i was then informed my account had been passed to RBS credit management servcies. i phoned them, and was able to update my address and phone number which was handy. they told me that IJ had passed my account back to them, something to do with a 6month timescale, blah blah, blah. they then told me then told me that my account is now with ALLIED (i have never heard of them) and i ordered my statements from another nice lady. she told me she'd order them for as far back as possible. THEN (!) she told me if i was going to use them to claim bank charges, that it was *paused* at the moment, but i can still lodge the claim!!! furthermore (!) i asked her would she accept payment by debit card from a different bank and she said not to worry about that, my statements wont cost me anything!! hmmmm....too good to be true? i realise now that my statements wont detail a break down of bank charges and manual intervention things, but at least it gives me something to go on. and if i do have to request those things, at least it wont cost me twice over to order them again. spoke to allied and they couldnt find me ANYWHERE on their system, and told me to wait for a letter confirming that my account had been passed back. i asked them to make a note of my name and address and date of birth, and that i had made the initial contact and been forthcoming with them about my 'account'. i also informed them that i was going to ake a claim on my rbs account that was being passed to them, and told them i would give them more detail on this when my account with them was active. oh yeh, and my account with rbs is not closed, i was told it is dormant or something like that....probably because of vast overdraft! anyway....after all my rambling on....a quick question.. if i am successful in claiming my charges back, is it possible for them to send me a cheque, and for me to pay off my overdraft in instalments throught the collection agency? or would the claimed charges have to be an amount taken off my debt? many thanks and sorry for boring u! scl x
  6. nice one sparkie! ooh are you excited about the assessment hearing? i can imagine how frustrating it may have been having to wait. im guessing the sar from corbetts will be an interesting read! they havent got a leg to stand on x
  7. iv checked ij's letters but no details on there. however, i shall detail ij's reference number as well as my name and address. iv since moved, but the address that my account was opened to is my mums address anyway, so i can still use it til i get my statements and then go into my branch with proof of new addy. that way they cant use the whole "we are not satisfied with id provided so we cant send u them under the dpa....blah....blah...blah" iv been reading a few old threads on here and im getting excited! i know it will take a while due to the 'pause' on reclaiming, but as they say, nothing ventured.....nothing gained!! thanks, grumpy x
  8. another incredibly stupid question..... i dont have a chequebook, so would rbs accept a postal order to the amount of £10? or is there any other method in which i can pay this? i no longer bank with rbs so they wouldnt be able to take the fee straight out of my account.
  9. cag is soon going to going to be the starting point and the epitome of all consumer rights methinks. (if not so already.) i am so pleased i came across this site, its a little mine of knowledge and wisdom, and i can guarantee i shall be using many a time over the coming months.
  10. it took a while, but iv finally finished reading the entire contents of this thread....and im exhausted, i cant imagine how you are feeling mr sparkie i was disappointed for you at the result of the hearing and my heart goes out to you. to work this hard and still not give up is both admirable and honourable. i am about to start a claim for bank charges for an account i opened 30th march 2005. i remember this date clearly as it was the day before my 18th birthday (which i further remember as i didnt have a passport, and i opened it the day before my 18th as under 18's can use a birth certificate as acceptable id heehee) i havent used this account since roughly the end of 2006. i have had no statements since, although i was paying off my debt of almost £3000 through a debt collection agency (even though roughly £1400 of this is bank charges - i am about to send my sar so i can understand this better) after agreeing a new payment plan with this agency (due to change in circumstances), i had only made 1 payment and when i phoned the next week to make another payment, was informed that the account had been passed back to rbs. the reasons for this is unknown. i am worried and nervous as to the reasons and consequences behind this, as i have complied with every request. and now i am too scared to contact them to find out what is happening. i already have a thread regarding this but felt compelled to message you regarding this. i think u must be a veteran in regards to the rbs at this stage i wish you the very best of luck, sparkie, and i will continue to follow your happenings. sweetchicklady xx
  11. yes it makes sense. wow it sounds like u a really having a time with them. i dont have much advice to offer hun other than stick your guns! i went into my store today (the 7th day of notice) and was dismayed that it was the surly bloke in the corner that i had to deal with. however....i now have 1/3rd off my regular amount without OSC! there was no problem at all and i was very impressed. i had no evil looks, smart comments or anything. the surly bloke even managed to crack a few jokes. i signed new agreements, making sure my previous amounts had been taken into consideration (something i would never have known to check for without this forum ). even though removing my osc was my right, i feel very lucky. lucky in the sense that i didnt have to experience such bad customer service that many others on this forum have. i wish you all the best, fluffy viper, and others too xx
  12. im only halfway through this thread and it completely and utterly enthralling! however, i need to go to bed and im unsure how to subscribe to it... im going to add this page to my favourites and hope for the best until someone can shed sum light!! and i have to say sparkie1723, ur a one man wonder and im simply amazed at what you have gone through with them. i am currently on the 5th page of 32 so if things are still going by the time i reach the 32nd page, then i really do wish you all the best!
  13. well well!! i just rang them and the poor girl didnt have a clue. she stated an amount to me which is the usual amount i pay and i told her that tomorrow is the 7th day of notice, so therefore, i would only be paying an amount that didnt include osc....she still couldnt tell me the amount, although it wouldnt have been so hard to grab a calculator and figure it out (i know how much the new amount will be, i was just playing dumb to figure out if they'd acknowledge my osc removal haha) anyways, i was told to jus come in tomorrow wen i make my payment and they'll speak to me about it. i get the awful feeling im gonna be given the run-around... i will keep you posted x
  14. hi all, i have been following the bright house threads for a while now, since the day i ordered my laptop from my local bh store. i must admit i was very worried after hearing the horror stories on these threads! i took your advice of removing optional service cover and went into the bh store and spoke to the man that had dealt with me from the start. he advised me to put it into writing and send a copy to head office so there wouldnt be any misunderstanding, and that id be required to sign a revised agreement that would take into account all previous payments made. i was happy with his help, he was very polite and helpful. i did this last sat and am waiting to make my next payment tomorrow....am very nervous as iv read stories about them not taking it off on the date as stipulated in the notice, and what if im not dealing with my usual 'helper' and am instead dealing with the surly looking fella in the corner desk?! id like to be prepared for the worse case scenario before i go in to make my payment tomorrow. what should i do if they ask for the full amount? i really dont want to end up with any late payment charges for not paying the full amount, and have not got the right frame of mind at the moment to go through the whole issue of consumer action, as i have more pressing personal matters at the moment! should they have the revised agreement there and then ready for me to sign? oooh as nice as they have been at my local store, i cant help but think im about to have something dropped on my head from a great height!! u know what they say about things being too good to be true!! many thanks xx
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