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  1. Oh, the irony of complaining about not being able to track people's numbers because they switch, on the CAG forum *goes back to bank statements*
  2. As I said, "in general". HAND.
  3. Lists are available, though in general, the low end of 077 is O2, the low end of 078 is mostly Orange, and the top end of 079 is typically Vodafone. Typically, all numbers sharing the first four digits are on the same operator, 0781 is Orange, 0777 is Vodafone, etc. Though, yes, it is difficult, but not impossible.
  4. Without the agreement to hand (I'd have to do a lot of digging to locate it), given it's one room in a shared house, individually let (as opposed to the house let whole), it's probably Assured Shorthold.
  5. A random thought which you may find helpful in face-to-face meetings, apparently this riddle is very old, and has existed in various forms for over 200 years. When I was a little nipper, on occasion I'd be taken to visit grandparents living in rural Worcestershire, in a sizable house, with a field behind the garden. One day, I went down to the field, and the nextdoor neighbour had just finished with the petrol mower in said field. He called me over to the fence, pointed at the horse in the next field and said "You see that horse?" "Yes?" "How many legs has it got?", he asked, in his broad Redditch accent. "Four?", I replied in finest Swansea lilt. "Right. Now, see that tail?" "Yes?" "What if I said that tail was a leg too? How many legs has it got now?" "Uh, five?" "No, silly! No matter what I tell you, a horse still only got four legs." The moral of the story? Without anything to back it up, just saying something doesn't change anything in and of itself.
  6. If it helps, I will probably be claiming for something in the region of £300, and received two formal notices from LTSB. Currently waiting on credit report to confirm the default.
  7. I have tried to get an address for my landlady for future reference (just in case she tries to swallow my deposit), she directed me to the letting agent. Approached the agent, whose address appears on the tenancy agreement, and he told me that because he wasn't managing the property it wouldn't be appropriate to deal with him, and that also for reasons of confidentiality, he couldn't pass on an address. Having met the agent on a number of occasions while sorting things out while moving in, I've established he's reasonable, and don't particularly want to push him into anything. It has been brought to my attention that if I don't have an address for my landlady, under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1984(?), ss.47-48, rent is not legally due. Given these circumstances, am I legally entitled to withhold rent until I get an address at which I could send correspondence, or (should the worst happen) serve documents? Given these same circumstances, am I entitled to claim any rent which may have been paid to date as being monies not legally due? Thanks, *goes back to poring over bank statements*
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