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  1. Unfortunatley I cannot offer you help, except attemp to make you feel better becuase I am being asked to pay a fine of £2700.00 to get my car released after the clamping company denied having it for more than 6 weeks. They now want me to pay for storage, cost of towing and clamping. After i py,I then have todrive to surrey to collect it. Isn't there a limit to the distance which your car can be taken by these people?
  2. Thank you Bernie The Bolt. Your letter is very similar in content to what the OFT advised.I contacted them already and they are very interested in the cse. I also received an email from the Managing Agents, they are reviewing their contract with Parking Control Services as a result of their handling of this matter.
  3. Yes I have a telephone bill record of the date and time I called to make payment.
  4. i think i am having major problems with the same company. Do yours have a london address?
  5. My car was clamped whilst parked on the estate i was living at. I was caught up in a mix up between my landlord and managing agents. The fine was £60.00 if paid within 2 weeks. Since I work abroad, I made 2 attempts to try and pay this fine within the 2 weeks, first time there was no answer. Second time the man that answered the phone, said there was no one available to take my payment. 3 days after 2 weeks, the fine had ballooned to £700.00, which could only be paid by me in cash, although I was abroad. Whilst arguing this with them, they removed the car from the North London E
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