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  1. dont worry too much about bcw.. it'll take them ages to add charges on.. they'll have frozen the debt anyway.. i THINK.... pay off your cards and overdrafts, anything that charges you interest..
  2. if you need to stop this company taking more money than you want them too... get a new card for the account they already know about, then they cannot take the money, they do it through a debit transaction, and the security code is different on the new card.. search on here for a "pay as you go credit card", 02 do one for their customers for free, and other companys do free ones, search this site and someone will point you to a free one. load the card with just the right amount of money each month, and give them the details for that card... im doing this now, for this company, as they have told me on a few occasions "if we try for the full amount, and it goes through, there wont be a refund, it will be taken as settlement" so to eliminate the risk of them taking more than I want them to... i did the above... i dont use this forum much so feel free to copy and paste this tip anywhere it may be of use... its easy and free and works
  3. so when the oft case is finished, and if the outcome is against us charging back against the banks, i will lose the money in the bank charges, and the cost of filing the n1 form, how much is the cost of filing the n1 form? because then, the bank is going to hate me!!! and ill be XXX out of pocket from the cost of the N1
  4. last time i sent two letters for my bank charges, then they wrote to me saying they'd pay me a %age of the money, which i took, what do you mean? do you mean i have to take this new case to court? (its a different bank!) sorry if im being dumb Dave
  5. i dont understand what is happening, i have claimed money back in the past, can we still successfully claim now? i have a claim against nationwide, they have added £300 of charges because i went overdrawn a year or so back... please let me know if i will acheve anything by sending them the letters??? Dave
  6. do these companys actually work then? i want to get rid of all of my debt, and ive heard of people getting threatening letters after theyve started using a company like these? am i right thinking, if i simply give them the information from my experian report, these guys will sort EVERYTHING out for me?
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