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  1. I have received a similar letter too, just trying to fix this damn scanner and will upload for people to advise. Ps Dudleydog, Hungarybear is the man when it comes to this field !
  2. Hi there I have received a fine from the DVLA for not declaring my car SORN, however forgive my ignorance but previous to my current car which i have only had around 9 mths i never knew what SORN was as it was brand new and came taxed etc. My car has been off the road since the start of August as a part called the diesel paricular filter went and VW wanted £1,200 for the part. I didnt have the money, and have gradually saved the money up and it is due to be fixed on the 7/12/2009, when i was going to get it taxed and re-insured. So my car has been in a Garage waiting to be repaired all this time. So because i wasnt driving it i didnt think i needed to tax it (as i had also let my insurance lapse because i knew it would be sometime before i would be getting the money to get it fixed) To cut a long story short is their anyway can get around this at all any loopholes or is it just tough s**t fro my lack of knowledge in this area ?? thanks in advance!
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